Now Selling Life Force Vitali-C Plus in Australia, New Zealand

Consumers in Australia and New Zealand now have a direct import option for completely natural Vitamin C, Zinc, Black Currant, and Pine Cone Extract Immune Nutrition Supplement.

Lancaster, PA, December 12, 2010 --( Ever since its launch in August of 2010, Vitali-C Plus Vitamin C and Zinc powder has been exclusively available to United States’ consumers. Beginning this month, Australia and New Zealand will now have access to this powerhouse of organic cassis and immune nutrition through

In an interview this week, website owners Darryl and Carolyn Schlicher explained the arrangement. “Basically, there were some hurdles Life Force had to jump over in order to offer this product in Australia and New Zealand. Those hurdles couldn’t correspond with the product launch, but the folks at Life Force got it done—as they always do.” Vitali-C Plus was launched at Life Force International’s annual convention in San Diego, California in August 2010.

Vitali-C Plus is a powder supplement that is billed as “Immune Nutrition.” The website’s description of the product states it is “an organic alternative to Emergen-C or Airborne.” The powder can be consumed dry, much like the candy flavored sugar sticks popular with children in the States, or it can be mixed with 4 ounces (120 mL) of water.

“Something a lot of people don’t realize when they get a cold and reach for a Vitamin C/Zinc supplement such as Airborne or Emergen-C is that those products also contain ingredients which are artificial or cause inflammation in the body,” said Mrs. Schlicher, a diplomaed Nutrition Specialist. “For instance, over half of the serving of Emergen-C is sugar and Airborne contains two artificial sweeteners. Both of those ingredients work cross-purposes with the healing properties of vitamin C and zinc in the body.” Schlicher continued, “The great thing about what we’re offering with the Life Force Vitali-C is that it additionally has organic New Zealand cassis (black currant) and pinecone extract, both of which have homeopathic properties which aid in healing.”

Australia and New Zealand customers will have some restrictions on their purchases, though. Because the product is being sold strictly for personal comsumption, customers are limited to three 36-serving packets per purchase and any customer may not buy more than 5 times in any 12 month rolling period. Additionally, customers will be charged in US dollars and will need to wait a little extra time, since Life Force will be shipping from their US distribution center and not from the respective distribution centers in Australia or New Zealand.

For more information or to order, visit the Vitali-C Plus page at

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