Health and Safety Executive and Browns Ladders Warns Workmen to Use Safe Ladders

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are running a campaign on ladder safety.

Nelson, United Kingdom, December 15, 2010 --( Ladder related injuries are not often mentioned in DIY programmes.

However, in reality, ladders are known to cause over a thousand major injuries every year in Britain.

This is usually blamed on human mistakes - but badly designed ladders and inadequate safety rules might also be a problem.

Dr Elizabeth Gibby, Director of the Injuries Reduction Programme at The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), which is running a campaign on ladder safety, says: "Ladders and step ladders should not be bent under step-load times their weight rating as well as side-twisting tests.

"Falls from ladders cause deaths and major injuries - nearly a third of major injuries from falls from height each year are caused by falls from ladders."

Dr Gibby says It is wise to use the type of ladder or step ladder that is the safest for the task at hand.

When the ladder is being climbed, the sides should be firmly gripped. At least one foot and both hands should be used at all times.

A person’s weight should be evenly distributed – therefore no leaning. Something needs to be obtained from the sides - the safest practice is to climb down and reposition the ladder or step ladder.

Standing in a balanced position is also essential. Sitting on the the ladder could result in injury.

This year, Lancashire-based Browns Ladders, and other companies, supported a national campaign which aimed to reduce deaths and injuries in the workplace.

The Ladder Exchange programme, led by the HSE, meant damaged, bent or broken ladders across the country were exchanged for brand new ones.

The initiative ended in November, but it encouraged people to swap damaged ladders and step ladders for new ones - at a discounted price. The HSE urges people to get new ladders if necessary.

Whether someone uses roof ladders, extension ladders, loft ladders or step ladders - it is essential to maintain them properly to increase safety.

Falls from ladders and step ladders can leave a person damaged - both mentally and physically - as well as the upset of the their colleagues, family and friends, and the considerable costs for employers.

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