StreetSpark Chooses NYC as Its U.S. Headquarters

New York, NY, December 16, 2010 --( StreetSpark, ( the company behind the new free iPhone app of the same name which helps create that serendipitous moment - letting you know when you’re in the right place at the right time to meet the right person, has chosen NYC as its location for its U.S.-based headquarters. Founded by Anthony Erwin, who also serves as CEO, StreetSpark is located on the 6th Floor of 130 Madison Avenue and opened its offices earlier this month. The NY office can be reached at 646-301-2580.

Coming to the U.S. from a successful launch in the UK in 2009, StreetSpark, currently in beta, officially launches here in January 2011.

StreetSpark has more accurate and real matches, due to its “Social Matching” technique, which garners your activity across other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pandora, and Foursquare and then matches you to other StreetSpark users, based not only on common interests but also the recent activities you share, letting you live your life without interference and constant checking. Unlike other dating sites that require a lot of time up front to answer questions and money to connect with other users, StreetSpark does the heavy lifting for you by using a proprietary matching technology created to work with your smartphone. No sitting at home waiting for emails, no hours spent online, and no fees to pay.

How it works: You might be at your favorite coffee shop when you receive a spark on your smartphone. Sparks, which are displayed in a list, show you limited profiles of your matches, including what you have in common with each Spark, e.g. “You both listened to Radiohead an hour ago on Pandora, regularly check in out at Stumptown Coffee via Foursquare, and ‘Like’ Time Out New York on Facebook.” In addition, if you want to get to know a Spark better, you can “ignite” it to see a full profile and connect in real time, or “extinguish” to dismiss the Spark and make way for others. You can chat with other Sparks or meet up in a public place (safety is key), if nearby.

Simply put, StreetSpark brings the spontaneity back to dating.

Jocelyn Brandeis