MLF Biotech Expands Food Safety Testing Services

Biotech firm helps food and animal health industries ensure safety of end products with toxin testing.

Milford, IN, December 22, 2010 --( Over the years, the general public has become more aware and concerned about food safety -- for themselves and their pets. Coupled with today's increasing environmental and governmental mandates, the food and animal health industries have taken a proactive approach to ensure the safety of end products. Whether it’s pet food or feed for livestock animals, screening for the presence of toxins is the bottom line protocol for an animal health and food safety program.

To aid these industries in testing product safety, MLF Biotech, Inc., has expanded its testing capabilities and now offers a variety of general laboratory services.

The MLF Biotech BioLab staff are fully qualified to conduct the HACCP food safety testing required by USDA. Additionally, the laboratory is able to test environmental samples for salmonella, listeria, E-coli and toxins to determine product safety.

The new laboratory testing services include:
• Aerobic Count Plate Detect (ACP) for General Bacterial Levels
• E. Coli/Coliforms Count Plate
• Listeria Identification of Positive Isolate
• Listeria Standard Method for Cooked Products & Detection of Listeria
• Mold Counts
• Melamine Screening
• Mycotoxin Analysis - Testing for Aflatoxin, Fumonisin, T-2/HT-2 Toxin, Vomitoxin, Zearalenone and Ochratoxin
• Salmonella Quick Test for Cooked Products
• Salmonella Standard Method for Environment
• Salmonella Identification of Positive Isolate

For more information, contact MLF Biotech by phone at 574-658-2266 or visit its website at

About MLF Biotech:
MLF Biotech, Inc., is an Indiana-based company dedicated to improving animal and human health, by providing innovative natural products and services that are scientifically sound, have economic value and have a positive impact on the environment. MLF Biotech is the exclusive provider of ToxiScreen™, which detects the overall toxicity of ingredients, feed and finished food products with a single test.

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