Eisen Management Group Adds New York Media Agency to Client Roster

Applegate Media Group Names EMG PR and Brand Agency of Record

Cincinnati, OH, February 01, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Advertising and business marketing executives understand that no matter how great the creativity of an advertisement is, if the right audience doesn’t experience the ad, the tree has simply fallen silently in the woods. With ever increasing media options competing for the hearts, minds and wallets of consumers, the need for media management expertise that efficiently and strategically connects businesses to their audience has never been higher, and one New York media buying firm is poised to take full advantage. Applegate Media Group has hired Cincinnati public relations and brand firm Eisen Management Group to create, direct and strategically implement a fully integrated national public relations and branding campaign to showcase this fresh perspective.

According to EMG president Rodger Roeser, APR, Eisen Management Group is working with Applegate Media Group on a number of proactive and creative programs that will give the New York media management firm its “deliverable claim of distinction.” Roeser explains that Applegate Media Group is currently undergoing new brand development work, and from those insights, EMG will be proactively implementing the fresh brand through a new, interactive website and viral marketing program, publicity and media relations strategy, and new brand identity, literature and collateral.

“This isn’t a marketing initiative, this is a corporate initiative by Applegate Media Group,” Roeser says. “Every brand and every product and every company has something that makes them unique. Not only will we uncover these insights for Applegate Media Group, we will embrace and deliver that throughout the whole of the organization, ultimately increasing awareness and long term company growth by delivering clarity and impact to their business communications.”

Susan Applegate, CEO of chief strategist of Applegate Media Group says that EMG brought to her organization a “flurry of fresh perspective and ideas.”

“Immediately, I could see that EMG had our best interests in mind – as we do for our clients – so our organizations align from a corporate culture and vision. Their expertise in directing branding and public relations strategies for advertising industry clients is well known and respected, and we are truly excited to work with EMG in spreading the word of our services, our people and our organization.”

EMG and AMG expect the new brand launch to occur in early February, followed by an ongoing integrated public relations, web development and viral campaign.


About Applegate Media Group

Headquartered in New York City with branch offices in Easton, Connecticut, Applegate Media Group buys, manages, and develops strategic media programs for creative agencies and internal corporate marketing teams. No matter the size of the media program, the AMG team prides itself on expertly media buying, planning and negotiations to deliver more strategic placement, better audience reach and frequency, and lower costs – all with an unsurpassed agency/client experience. More information can be accessed at www.applegatemediagroup.com or by calling 203-223-0107.

About Eisen Management Group

EMG is an award winning public relations, rich and social media development, audio/video, marketing strategy and advertising firm headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, with a branch office in Greater Cincinnati. The eight member boutique, founded in 2001, develops and strategically implements local and national campaigns for its advertising, healthcare, professional services, consumer packaged goods, insurance, financial, manufacturing, retail and restaurant clientele. More information can be accessed at www.eisenmanagementgroup.com or by calling 859.586.4302. EMG – Everything is Possible.

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