GCiS China Strategic Research
GCiS China Strategic Research

Continued Growth in the Chinese Advanced Ceramics Market Fueled by Industry and Increased Application

Rare earth export restrictions will aid a buoyant advanced ceramics market in China, estimated at 15% per year. Foreign investors are growing increasingly interested in market opportunities, study shows.

Beijing, China, December 29, 2010 --(PR.com)-- GCiS China Strategic Research has published a report on the China market for advanced ceramics. Advanced ceramics are a class of ceramics with special properties that come from ceramic and metal compounds. These properties include very high resistance to heat, electricity, corrosion and wear, as well as strength, hardness, toughness and bio-chemical inertness; what’s more, applications are increasing.

The study finds that China’s growing power, chemical and steel industries are the main driving force behind the 15%+ growth rates in this multibillion dollar market. The majority of advanced ceramics today are used for electrical related applications, the remainder constitute structural ceramics in which the mechanical properties previously mentioned are of primary interest. Niche markets have also developed for ceramics such as "bioceramics" which due to their inert nature can be used inside the human body as hip and bone transplants, supports for directed delivery of medicine and as components in implant devices such as pace makers.

However, an increase in raw materials cost due to rising demands and a generally slow uptake of new technologies amongst other consumer industries are inhibiting further penetration of new markets.


About the GCIS China Advanced Ceramics Study
This GCiS market study draws on a three month, in-depth primary survey of 70 of the market’s supply side and channel players. It is essential reading for any professional needing accurate and detailed strategic information of this market. Major areas covered include: market size and shares, five-year projections, market structure, new vs. replacement sales, pricing trends, distribution, consumption, an assessment of key suppliers and more.

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