Skin Care Goes Global – Part 3: Skincare in Africa

Skincare News introduces part 3 of its global skin care series.

Sacramento, CA, February 02, 2007 --( Skin care around the world doesn’t get much more tribal than Africa.’s latest article, “Globetrotting Skincare Part 3” gives readers a peek into the skin care history of Africa.

Having darker skin definitely has its advantages: 

Natives to Africa and other parts of the world where skin is typically considered to be "dark" or "black" have a distinct advantage over those with pale faces. Their skin has an increased amount of melanin, which protects us from the harsh UVA/UVB rays from the sun and can slow down the aging process. Which means if you were to go to Africa, chances are you’d be standing next to people the same age as you who look younger and healthier, despite the fact that many regions have harder lifestyles and compromised living conditions. 

Wearing makeup is more than just a fashion statement in Africa: 

Both men and women wear makeup in African tribes, and oftentimes it is used to portray certain emotions or to convey magical purposes. The use of color especially is used to show different behaviors or dispositions. 

No matter where you live, no one’s skin is perfect: 

However, one complication the African people and African-Americans here at home encounter as they age is that their skin can oftentimes become unevenly pigmented. In order to combat this, there are many products available for black skin care that are used both stateside and on the plains of Africa as well. These skin care products often contain heavy oils that penetrate deeply into the skin. One popular derivative of this is Emu oil. These are very popular overseas and have been proven to work well. 

According to skin care expert, Caroline James, it was refreshing to see a culture that used makeup for other purposes. “It’s so common to see makeup as a way to make yourself look better or to attract the opposite sex. Africa did something different with the concept and I think it’s great.” covers all skincare and beauty topics from head to toe. Check out these latest articles: 

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