Kenneth Brown Designs for Romance on Valentine's Day

Celebrity interior designer Kenneth Brown shares his tips for bringing romance into the home and keeping it there.

Los Angeles, CA, February 03, 2007 --( According to celebrity interior designer Kenneth Brown, also known as the Design Doctor, you don’t need an extreme makeover to create a romantic environment for you and your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Kenneth suggests simple, inexpensive tips and design ideas to keep the romance alive and well in your home during the holiday and beyond:

Your house can cause more relationship problems than you realize.

In addition to bringing in red roses this Valentine's Day consider these easy tips to make your home relationship friendly:

- Though home offices are popular and provide convenience, they may also lessen the romance in your home. After all, phones ringing, checking e-mail, and scattered papers can kill the mood and distract from nurturing your relationship. Consider keeping office work in decorative storage bins or behind closed doors.

- Lighting is also key in setting a romantic mood. An inexpensive dimmer can bring romance into a room with the flick of a switch. Bright, glaring lights don’t flatter anyone and can spoil the feeling. Don’t forget the simple flicker of candles can have a similar effect. Replacing ordinary bulbs with rose colored ones is a great trick to create a flattering skin tone.

- Arrange your furniture to promote healthy conversation. Avoid placing the sofa in front of the TV. Find another focal point to place the furniture such as a fireplace or beautiful window with a view.

- Consider turning your dining room into a romantic restaurant. You will avoid the crowds and traffic and can customize your evening with the perfect music, and candles. Ordering from your favorite restaurant is always an easy solution. Create your own menu with special messages along with what’s cooking for the night

- Sound is also a factor in creating a romantic mood. Turn off the distracting television and opt for a CD that evokes memories of romantic times or travels together.

- Consider introducing a scent to your home. Candles, incense, and flowers are great ways to evoke the sense into a romantic mood. Fragrances for linens are becoming popular and can evoke a special mood as well. A simple spray on the pillow case is a nice surprise.

- You may want to address the color of your walls as a stale white room is just that. The simple addition of warm wall colors will create a cozy environment. Do not be afraid of using pink tones in the bedroom as pink is a combination of both red (intensity) and white (purity); that’s where pink for valentines comes from.

- Floor pillows are a big trend and can provide the impromptu cuddle session – creating new romantic get-aways in your own home.

- Consider having a ritual or project that you both do together. This can be as easy as having a “relationship plant” that acts as both a decorate object and something you enjoy doing together.

- Surround yourselves with photos or keepsakes that remind you of positive, pleasant times spent together. Let go of items that remind you of past relationships or bad times from the past – purge out the old.

- Consider removing photos of your parents, friends from college and old photos from your bedroom. This room is all about you and your special one. No one wants to see your Aunt Sue staring at you while cuddling.

Kenneth Brown is one of Los Angeles' most sought-after celebrity interior designers. His work has been featured in numerous design publications and on his own top-rated television show, reDesign, on HGTV.

Though most acclaimed for his trademark blend of Southern hospitality with clean Southern California lines, Kenneth has the unique ability to work within various styles. His choice of fabrics and accessories and the simple manner with which he uses them result in a look that is timeless, warm, and distinctly Kenneth Brown.

Kenneth’s broad exposure and popularity led Oprah Winfrey’s “O” magazine to feature him on her Live Your Best Life Tour. Additionally, House Beautiful and Western Interiors recently named Kenneth as one of the top 100 Designers in America.

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