National Expert Reveals Why Now May Be the Best Time to Sell Real Estate or a Business for Those Looking to Get Out of the Market

Selling appreciated assets such as businesses and real estate just got easier according to a national tax deferral firm who recently launched the revolutionary “Ensured Installment Sale” that helps to solve many of the problems sellers and buyers face with traditional sales methods.

West Linn, OR, February 03, 2007 --( For years, sellers of appreciated assets such as real estate and businesses have struggled with the decision of how to sell their asset to maximize tax benefits, safety, and profit. Traditional methods of selling include the 1031 exchange, installment sale, private annuity trust, and all cash sale. According to Jack Meligan, President of SPI, a national leader in the structured sale annuity industry, “The traditional methods for selling appreciated assets are great for many people; however, the person looking to either retire or get out of the real estate/business market really haven’t had the perfect solution… until now.”

To solve many problems those sellers and buyers face, SPI recently unveiled the Ensured Installment Sale (aka Structured Sale), which will help many people to sell their appreciated asset and keep more money in their pockets rather than uncle Sam’s.

The Ensured Installment Sale, just released to the market, helps sellers:

- Avoid full taxation of profits in the year of sale by stretching it out over a period of years
- Avoid being at the mercy of a buyers creditworthiness
- Avoid acquiring new property
- Avoid the risks of a traditional installment sale
- Receive a guaranteed stream of income backed by a Fortune 100 corporation
- Among other benefits

To help educate sellers and buyers on the Ensured Installment Sale, SPI has released a comprehensive free manual titled “The Ensured Installment Sale: The New Secret Tax and Financial Weapon for Selling Appreciated Assets”. Go to the URL at the bottom of the page to receive the valuable free manual.

Jack Meligan, a nationally recognized expert in structured sales of appreciated assets, believes that “the Ensured Installment Sale will help to fulfill a huge need in the real estate and business sales industries, especially with the number of people nearing retirement age growing every day.”

To find out more about the Ensured Installment Sale and how it may help you achieve your tax and financial goals when selling a business, real estate, or other appreciated assets visit or call 1-800-666-5584.

Settlement Professionals Inc. (SPI), a national company, was founded in 1987 and is based in West Linn, Oregon (a suburb of Portland). SPI’s founder, Jack Meligan, has been a top annuity specialist for over 19 years and is seen as one of the nations preeminent experts in the structured annuity field with many published articles in high profile publications. SPI’s main business is structured settlement planning for plaintiffs in injury cases around the U.S.; however, has began to focus on the Ensured Installment Sale (Structured Sale) since its development by Allstate Insurance in 2005.

SPI has teamed up with many of the nations top tax, financial, and real estate professionals to give sellers of appreciated assets a better solution for deferring capital gains taxes with less risk and greater benefits.

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