The Troubling U.S. Economy: Risks & Threats 2007-2017

A new report released in Feb, 2007 contains troubling new information about the U.S. economic health status and risks. The study finds a different picture than the one advertised by the presidential speech on State of the Economy on Jan 31st, 2007

Las Vegas, NV, February 05, 2007 --( International Institute of Management (IIM) released a study containing disturbing new information about the U.S. economic health status and risks.
IIM issued a white paper describing available U.S. policy options and their long-term impact.

According Med Yones, President of IIM, "We were surprised to learn that the U.S. economy is in much more trouble than anticipated. When combining all the numbers from different national and international research agencies, we see a different picture than the one advertised, the country seems to be headed to a major crisis. The good news is that the U.S. government can avoid the disaster, the bad news is that some of the necessary measures are going to be painful, controversial and difficult to implement. The next decade is the most critical for U.S. economic health. In order to mitigate the risks, the U.S. government must make major changes to socioeconomic and foreign policies"

The paper addresses the key challenges facing the U.S. government policies and attempts to answer the following critical questions:
1. The United States economy has been resilient, but for how much longer? Can the U.S. economy sustain unlimited economic growth?
2. Will the United States face another economic crisis? When? How strong and how long will the negative cycle be?
3. How can the United States manage the financial costs of the aging baby-boom generation?
4. How can the United States compete with low-cost China, India, Mexico and other economies?
5. How can the United States fight and win the antiterrorism war and at the same time not lose international allies and economic partners?
6. How can the U.S. government mitigate social, economical and geopolitical risks and reverse the negative trend?
7. What will be the price of recovery from past and current policy mistakes?

The study provides: 1). A neutral assessment of the U.S. economic health, 2). Analysis of the long-term consequences of current policy decisions 3). The emerging economic, social and geopolitical threats to the U.S. financial prosperity 4). Risk mitigation strategies 5). Management best practices
IIM also announced that it has written to the U.S. government and congress, asking them to pay special attention to the emerging threats and recommending major policy changes to avoid future socioeconomic threats.

The complete text of the study is available online at

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