Customer’s Gain a Simple, Single Purchase Point Buying Plastics Sheets from Kamweld

Kamweld Technologies now offers plastics sheets through it’s eSHOP. Kamweld’s eshop now boasts a wide variety of products from welders, to welding rod to plastics sheets, making them an ideal point for customer’s plastic welding needs.

Norwood, MA, January 26, 2011 --( Kamweld Technologies, a leading North American provider of plastics welders and accessories for the plastics welding professional, now offers plastic sheets as part of its eSHOP.

Kamweld’s PVC sheets are supplied in dark gray Type 1 PVC in 48” x 96” sheet size and a gauge range of 1/16” thru and including 1”. In addition, the sheets are also available in both natural and white Polypropylene, 48” x 96” sheet size, and 1/16” thru and including 1” gauges.

All sheet products can be purchased in single sheet or full pallet quantities. For pallet quantities, Kamweld requires that all sheets be of the same gauge (thickness). Kamweld ships their sheets from their Pennsylvania warehouse.

In addition to plastic sheets, the Kamweld’s website offers other products that may be ordered on-line including sheet bending bars, hot air guns, welder tips, plastics welders, replacement parts, test equipment, Teflon tapes and flooring installation tools.

Kamweld’s plastic sheets and other plastic pipe products are available at For questions please call Kamweld Technologies at 781-762-6922 or e-mail Kamweld at

Kamweld Technologies, Inc.
Len Alter