ClarkMorgan Collects Over 5,000 Children’s Books Using Win-Win-Win

Shanghai, China, January 29, 2011 --( Since 2010 ClarkMorgan Corporate Training has collected more than 5,000 children’s books, according to The Library Project’s 2010 annual report. The Library Project (, which donates books and libraries to under financed schools and orphanages in China, has built over 350 rural school libraries in its short four years and has cooperated with firms including ClarkMorgan, Cummins, Brady Corporation, Hyatt Hotels, and Sanofi Aventis.

Tom Stader, founder of the library project emphasized that, “As of December 31, 2010, The Library Project has established over 350 elementary school libraries. We’ve put more than 250,000 Chinese language children’s books into the hands of eager young readers. Over 100,000 children now have access to improved educational infrastructure. These amazing results could not have attained without the help and support of so many.”

Since 2009 ClarkMorgan Corporate Training has been collecting children’s books at its monthly free corporate training demonstrations. Attendees have been charged the ‘fee’ of a children’s book, which has then been donated to the charity. During the January training demonstration, over 80 children’s books were donated by the participants, many of whom are parents of children.

“It’s easy to support a charity, and it doesn’t necessary involve donating money,” said Peyton Liu, Regional Sales Manager for southern China. “All it takes is a true understanding of win-win-win, which, funny enough, is exactly what we are training in today’s demonstration.”

Liu’s Shenzhen office, as well as ClarkMorgan offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, promote The Library Project, collect books, and then ship these books to the charity’s head quarters in Xi’an free of charge, as part of their commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

“It only takes a little creativity to solve the world’s problems”, says Liu. “And it doesn’t have to cost a cent! As the saying goes, ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ and that is exactly what we are doing here. Our clients are also mothers, whose children have often grown out of their old books. We simply create a conduit from these mothers to the rural schools, who are devoid of any libraries. Everybody wins!”

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Conrad Chen