33Link Launches International Web Hosting Services for China

Beijing, China, February 10, 2007 --(PR.com)-- In this new internet boom China is no longer just an outsourcing agent, but it is rapidly turning into the primary target for internet startups from around the world; and who is better to notice this then the companies that serve them?

It is no secret that China is becoming a main attraction point for internet investors. While in U.S. internet companies are busy raising money for the next web2.0 venture, internet businesses in China are busy replicating what already proved to work in the west. And with existing dozen biggest investors in Beijing - Silicon Valley venture firms like Sequoia Capital are also quick to take notice. But as foreign firms begin to take first steps, they quickly realize how remote the Chinese market actually is. Not only do they have to adjust their brands to the local language, but their global internet presence suddenly becomes everything but global.

Mirkin Group, the parent company of 33Link, believes this internet trend is only on its first rise. As such, they now also aim to serve individuals on low budgets. Their recent announcement of a new dedicated option for high-traffic sites shows the industries acceptance of a moving change in Asian Markets.

As Sergey, company’s CEO & Founder, states, “The company has grown to the size well enough, where we feel we can finally scale this to serve the increasing demand for our unique services. I believe, with recent Taiwan earthquake and general everyday cross-country connection delays, people are beginning to realize – if you want to market your products to China, you better have presence in China. All of my business colleagues agree - no one can succeed in Chinese Internet without serving the content from this country. It’s not just about Wikipedia and Google! There are just too many unpredictable influencing factors, end of story!”

Unlike all Chinese owned companies, 33Link primarily serves foreign customers and as such understands the many inconveniences these businesses face everyday operating from abroad.

About 33Link:
33Link until now specialized in providing hosting solutions solely to enterprises entering Chinese market. It was originally started in China as a venture offspring from Mirkin Group - an IT company with offices in Silicon Valley, Beijing, and Moscow.

Mike Huskey, VP of public relations
Mirkin Group

Mirkin Group