Global-Med Technologies Group Inc (GTG)
Global-Med Technologies Group Inc (GTG)

Mosaic Medical Technologies, Inc., a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Global-Med Technologies Group, Inc., Injects Cell Biologics Into Orthopaedics

Sarasota, FL, February 06, 2011 --( Mosaic Medical Technologies, Inc. (MMT) ( presented its plans to seek a leadership role in introducing its Bio-Aug FX™ technologies into the orthopaedic market. Attending a panel discussion on the subject of biotech business at the Moffitt Cancer Center fifth annual Business of Biotech¹ on Jan. 31, 2011, the Company discussed its perspective on the concept.

Mr. Vandermeulen who is a biological engineer and will focus on development of the company’s biologically augmented device offering serves as the Mosaic’s Clinical Research Manager and stated the following; “When speaking about stem cells you are speaking about regeneration. So naturally it’s a promising option in the orthopedic world and in medical science as a whole. Stem cells are becoming so popular that doctors and patients alike are advising and requesting biologic solutions to prevent or at least delay joint replacements or other invasive procedures. The far-reaching positive influences can be used in bone and cartilage deformities, osteo and rheumatoid arthritis and spinal cord damage.

“Along with a benefit in healing, stem cells provide a degree of security to both doctor and patient. Replacing harsh and usually minimally effective medications with the body’s own natural healing capabilities is key to future orthopedic advancements.

“The use of stem cells in orthopedics has provided a new arena for managing complex conditions. Orthopedic surgeons are most involved with bone marrow cells called mesenchymal cells. These regenerative cells are found many other places throughout the body including adipose tissue. Stem cells can be easily obtained directly from the patient in treatment through an arthroscopic aspiration.

“Its use holds promise of wide spread applications particularly in areas of spinal cord injury, difficult non-unions, articular cartilage repair, healing ligaments, tendons and degenerative vertebral discs. Within recent years it has been found that stem cells can be harvested from a patient’s own body. This alleviates the need for a donor and eliminates ethical issues of harvesting from other sources.”

Mosaic Medical Technologies focuses on vertical integration via academic research & study, device design and development, and is a provider of ancillary services including regulatory, prototyping, bioengineering, testing and manufacturing. At Mosaic, ideas evolve into clinical solutions and they strive to improve those solutions at every step in the development and manufacturing process. Mosaic Medical Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Global-Med Technologies Group, Inc.

GTG’s CEO, M.G. Urbanski concurred; “At Global-Med Technologies we have the foresight, intention and capability to be a pioneer in this new and exciting area of medicine. We offer state of the art medical implant systems, as well as devices supplemented with stem cell therapy. Our products directly benefit from advancements in stem cell applications. We are one of the first organizations to tackle the need for stem cell collection within orthopaedics and provide the industry with instrumentation for future demand. We find ourselves ahead of the curve in stem cell applications, primarily in orthopedics, but are prepared for widespread medical use. GTG and its subsidiaries are currently growing and specialized in many areas of orthopedics. We are confident in the science of stem cell therapy and will continue to pursue our research in this niche segment.”

GTG is a technologies-driven, research-based private holding group exclusively focused on the orthopaedic and musculoskeletal device sector. GTG provides surgeons and health professionals with clinically relevant, innovative and cost-effective products that improve the quality of life for patients. They focus on devices and procedures that are minimally invasive in nature and therefore, less traumatic to the patient. GTG’s subsidiary product lines include biologic, orthopaedic, spine, neurosurgical and other musculoskeletal devices and/or procedures that are indicated for repair, reconstruction and regeneration of bones, joints and surrounding soft tissues. GTG is researching and developing non-invasive procedures and treatments for osteoporosis and other age related degenerative diseases. It’s committed to the development of pre-operative, operative and post- operative procedures, devices and monitoring systems that reduce cost while providing surgeon and patient less traumatic surgical intervention options.

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¹ Note: Moffitt Cancer Center fifth annual Business of Biotech on Jan. 31, 2011. The event is for life science, biotechnology and medical device companies; scientists; angel investors; venture capitalists; bankers; attorneys; and those interested in commercialization of technologies. The keynote speaker is Robert Tepper, M.D.

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