New KHAG Guns from Kamweld Offer a Blast of Hot Air

Kamweld Technologies’ new KHAG hot air guns provide steady, flameless hot air in controllable temperatures up to 1050ºF (566ºC). All KHAG guns can be fired where continuous, precisely targeted hot air is needed.

Norwood, MA, February 12, 2011 --( For a steady, reliable source of continuous very hot air, Kamweld Technologies’ new KHAG series offers the guns of choice. The KHAG hot air guns provide flameless hot air in controllable temperatures up to 1050ºF (566ºC).
All KHAG guns can be used where continuous, precisely targeted hot air is called for.

Among the many uses for these hot air guns are shrink fitting of plastic tubing on cables and connectors, preheating and sterilizing glass utensils for medical and pharmaceutical needs, and for bending and forming a wide range of plastic materials. Their dependable stream of very hot air can be used to shape orthotic and prosthetic devices, and assemble and shape dentures.

The new Kamweld KHAG guns can also be used for soldering and de-soldering processes on PC boards, lead frames and other electronic components. For packaging operations, very hot air from KHAG guns can be used to activate adhesives, perform selective shrink wrapping, and cleanly fabricate foam package inserts.

“We designed these guns to be very easy to use and very accurate in air temperature and targeting of their air streams,” says Len Alter, Kamweld Technologies product manager. “They get up to temperature very fast and will maintain it as long as it’s needed. They’re built for rugged use, but these are precision instruments that meet Kamweld’s tough standards for quality and performance.”

Each KHAG hot air gun is supplied complete with an air regulator and pressure gauge, a 2 inch long, 5/8 inch diameter stainless steel flanged round tip, and 5 feet of insulated cable. A stainless steel wrap-around mounting bracket permits permanent mounting to existing equipment.

Kamweld’s KHAG hot air guns are available in four models: 1500 or 2200 Watt/120 Volt versions and 1500 or 2200 Watt/230 Volt versions. All models can be purchased online at For more information visit , call 781-762-6922 or e-mail Kamweld at

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Len Alter