AzCa Embroidery Develops Contract Embroidery Business Plan

AzCa Embroidery develops a model for offering contract embroidery and wholesale embroidery for business apparel to advertising professionals and uniform companies in 2011.

Tempe, AZ, February 12, 2011 --( AzCa Embroidery, Inc. is an apparel decorator that exclusively serves contract and wholesale clientele, and, in 2011, AzCa is developing its business model to become a local leader in the embroidery industry.

AzCa Embroidery’s first initiative is its participation in SanMar’s PSST program. SanMar is the apparel industry’s leading supplier of blank garments and accessories for decoration, and their Pack Separately, Ship Together (PSST) program grants its customers free drop shipping to the embroiderer or screen printer of their choice.

Only three embroidery businesses in Arizona are participating in this unique program, and AzCa Embroidery is one them.

“By offering free drop shipping,” Nathan Milhoan, AzCa’s CEO explained. “We’re saving our customers time and money. Obviously they’re saving on shipping costs, but they don’t have to worry about the expense of shipping the goods to us. PSST cuts out the middle and allows both our clients and us to get right to work.”

Milhoan hopes programs like PSST, and companies willing to try something new, will help grow the struggling economy.

“The year before last was one of our worst years ever,” he confesses, “but last year was one of our best. By focusing on wholesale work only, and getting onboard with programs like PSST, we know exactly who we’re marketing to, and what kind of work to pursue.”

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