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Got Tap and Die? Newer Tap and Die Sets Feature Better Quality Steel.

Newer Tap and Die Sets are made with a higher quality steel compared to many years ago, making modern versions more accurate and useful. Triumph Tool is one manufacturer of these higher quality sets, now available from Carbide Processors.

Tacoma, WA, February 18, 2011 --( Taps and dies are simply cutting tools that are used to thread metal. The taps are used to tap a hole by twisting the threads to form a hole. Dies, hexagonal in shape, fit into a holder where you then turn them to cut the thread on a rod.
These sets can be used for various things. They are mostly used for metal-working; however, special ones can be used for woodworking.

They are commonly used for making bolts which can become of use, for instance, if you are remodeling a car and are having a difficult time finding the exact bolt that you need in order to do the job. They are often used for repair jobs.

A tap and die set is a great tool to have in the event of an emergency. If you find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere, these sets can be a huge help because you can use them for a large number of things that involve fixing anything with threads.

You will need a separate die and tap for each thread that you plan on doing. For this reason, they are often purchased in sets. Sets come in different sizes and variations; you can find 18 piece sets to 38 piece sets and more. There are different kinds of thread classifications, one of the most common being pipe threads. The thread classification varies in accordance to what you are using it for. The better quality tap and die sets are the ones made from better quality steel.

Common sets are prepared for hand operation, but various types can also be used with production tools, for instance CNC machining which are utilized in order to construct larger quantities of threaded pieces.

Triumph is a great example of a company who manufactures tap and die sets. These sets come in various sizes, for instance the 38 piece tap and die set from Triumph which includes an assortment of taps, dies and accessories. This Tap and Die set, along with many others, can be found at Carbide Processors’ website which recently added a selection of tap and die sets and drill bit sets from the Triumph line, as they continue to add more product lines from Triumph in the near future.

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