Ancient Russian Beauty Traditions Brought Back to Life

Shanghai based Delicious! incorporates ancient Russian spa secrets into its Winter 2011 seasonal skincare service menu.

Shanghai, China, February 19, 2011 --( Old Russian healing traditions are being rediscovered and brought back to life after years of neglect by Shanghai based Delicious! skincare. Russian spa traditions encompass the well-known Russian “Banya” or bathhouse - but they go much deeper into the early slavic and pagan roots that are only now coming back into vogue by companies like Delicious! - that take a traditional Russian approach to beauty and well-being that is closely tied with nature.

Russians believe in what might be expressed in contemporary Chinese terms as “the Three Cleans:”

- eating clean - eating fresh food that is gathered and prepared today
- drinking clean - consuming pure, clear drinks such as water (including ‘little water’ vodka)
- breathing clean - spending as much time as possible in nature

Moreover, Russians are the original “wild harvesters.” Their deep connection with the rivers, fields and forests that surrounded led them to collect, analyze and utilize the ingredients they could pick by hand such as berries, grains, forest products, minerals, etc. Harboring a deep faith in traditional homeopathic medicine they perfected many techniques to help maintain good health and preserve beauty amid a harsh climate.

Two such techniques have now been incorporated by Delicious! in its Winter 2011 seasonal skincare service menu for men and women:

- Warming Baltic Amber Face Massage
- Siberian Winter Hot Buckwheat Compress.

Delicious! uses ancient Baltic Amber, which possesses inner warmth and natural healing properties, as a key component in its winter skin nutrition sessions but then goes a step further by utilizing precious amber powder as one of the key ingredients in its signature winter treatment: Amber Powder with White Lilies, Rose Oil and a Hot Buckwheat Compress.

The treatment is topped off with an aromatic Hot Buckwheat Compress made of heated buckwheat kernels infused with pine-nut oil that is applied during a facial massage. Delicious! claims the aromatic buckwheat compress luxuriously detoxifies and cleanses the skin, improves blood circulation, alleviates muscle aches and relaxes the mind and body. ‘Healthy hedonism’ that works as effectively in cold Siberia as it does in a chilly Shanghai winter.

Olya Eastman, Delicious! Founder, said, “I am very proud of Russia’s rich heritage of natural healing and wellness. Many of these traditions and techniques were forgotten during Soviet times but are being rediscovered now and are particularly appropriate as Chinese and foreign consumers look for natural green solutions for better health and beauty. There is still a lot to learn but I am eager to share more inspiration from Russia with my customers in Shanghai.”

What is her connection with Russian healing? Olya grew up in the Russian Far East but comes from a family with rich natural healing traditions that go back to pre-revolutionary St. Petersburg where her great-grandmother treated the aristocracy. As she delves deeper into Russian spa and wellness traditions she has discovered many long forgotten ingredients and wellness techniques that she plans to bring back to life for everyone to enjoy – and to appreciate a part of Russian culture that is not so well known outside the country.


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