Anti-aging Pill for Pennies a Day

Super Human Radio reveals a powerful and effective anti-aging pill that’s available everywhere and costs just pennies a day.

Louisville, KY, February 14, 2007 --( Carl Lanore, host of the popular Super Human Radio show, the world's first broadcast radio show dedicated to human performance, hardcore strength, fitness and nutrition, revealed a powerful and effective anti-aging pill that’s available everywhere and costs just pennies a day.

On a recent episode of the radio show, Lanore interviewed world-renowned scientist Dr. Russell Reiter, known to his colleagues as the “Godfather Of Melatonin Research.” Dr. Reiter has dedicated over 36 years of his career and been involved in over 700 peer-reviewed studies covering the pineal gland and its primary hormone Melatonin.

Melatonin is not what you think it is. “It’s quite possibly the most powerful hormones produced by the human body,” asserts Lanore.

Melatonin, a hormone primarily produced during darkness is more than a sleep aid. “Melatonin is a very powerful antioxidant… an immune system booster… and protects against certain types of cancers and tumors,” stated Dr. Reiter. “And it’s most effective at crossing the blood-brain-barrier.” In fact, within minutes of taking a Melatonin tablet, it saturates the brain in protective molecules.

“When you give animals Melatonin throughout their lives, and humans are animals as well, they fare better in terms of health, longevity and in terms of deterioration,” stated Dr. Reiter. In fact, when mice that were given the human gene that causes Alzheimer’s Disease were supplemented with Melatonin, they developed the disease much slower and lived significantly longer than mice that did not receive Melatonin.

Melatonin levels are highest in the first decade of life. The initial decline in Melatonin heralds puberty and every decade thereafter Melatonin levels continue to decline into advanced age. “It is now thought that the decline in Melatonin contributes to your inability to resist disease, and in fact, to develop disease,” said Dr. Reiter. “There is reasonably strong evidence that if you can maintain a healthy Melatonin rhythm as you age, you can defer certain types of age related diseases.”

Melatonin also has a link to preventing certain types of cancer. “It's well known that individuals that work a night shift have compromised Melatonin levels… they also experience certain diseases that are more common such as breast cancer in women and colorectal cancer in both men and women… It’s believed that the lack of Melatonin in these people is responsible for their higher incidence of cancer,” said Dr. Reiter.

Melatonin may possess a special value for Type 2 Diabetics. Its powerful antioxidant values help to protect nerves as well as the brain from damage by high glucose levels. “In animal models Melatonin helps to reduce secondary consequences of Type 2 Diabetes such as neuropathies and the loss or deterioration of the functions of limbs are greatly reduced,” said Dr. Reiter.

Melatonin has also been shown to prevent damage to dopaminergic neurons responsible for the development on Parkinson’s Disease.

Two good food sources of Melatonin are walnuts and cherries. Especially cherries from the state of Michigan.

The easiest way to maintain youthful levels of Melatonin as you age is to stop by your local grocery, pharmacy or health food store and buy a bottle. For as little as 5 cents a day you can begin your own anti-aging regimen in the comfort of your own home. Melatonin is readily available in 2 to 3 milligram tablets, and 3 milligrams is widely accepted as a maintenance dose. You can choose from fast release or time released Melatonin depending upon your own personal preferences.

Taken right before bedtime, Melatonin can help you fall asleep faster, and for those who find that they don’t stay asleep throughout the night, time released Melatonin can help you sleep for 7 to 8 hours.

The number one complaint from those who cease using Melatonin is vivid dreams.

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