– Real Estate Conference Held in Makkah This March is pleased to announce that an informative real estate conference will be held in a famous and historic Saudi Arabian city this March.

Makkah, Saudi Arabia, February 20, 2011 --( The Makkah Real Estate Development and Investment Conference is a month-long event that brings together people from around the country and the world for meetings and information-sharing regarding this holy and historic city.

The conference is being put on by famous Saudi Arabian event organiser XS Conferences and Exhibitions.

Known as a historic and holy city in the beautiful and vibrant country of Saudi Arabia, Makkah is a city filled with exciting places and visually stunning architecture. The real estate conference will bring together people who are familiar with the preservation of this historic area as it moves into the 21st century.

The location of the conference will be at the King Abdulaziz Historic Hall at Umm Al Qura University.

While visiting Makkah for this informative conference, visitors will be going to one of the most important locations in all of the Muslim religion. All Muslims who are capable to do so are supposed to make at least one pilgrimage to Makkah during their lifetime, and the city is filled with this holy and historic heritage.

Makkah hotels are some of the finest in the country and offer accommodation for any budget, opening up a world of cultural vibrancy to all visitors.

Anyone looking for more information on this event is encouraged to visit the website of the coordinators.

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