“Successgenomics” System is Given Away Free by 24 DNAiFounders

“Successgenomics, world’s first Wealth, Health, and Success creation system or tool is based on the human genome. It’s the last science for Wealth, Health, and Success creation,” says 24 DNA Co-founder Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

Garden Grove, CA, February 25, 2011 --(PR.com)-- A Wealth, Health, and Success creation system developed by 24 DNA Founders called “Successgenomics” has been released today at their website 24dna.com. It is available to download free. This Wealth, Health, and Success creation tool is based on how genes or DNA and Brain work.

Mr. Afamasaga said Successgenomics was designed based on two of their major discoveries. The first is the “Human Genetic Blueprint and Its Contents,” which is in a patent pending status. The second is the “Subatomic Enetertic Blueprint and Its Contents,” which they invented and consists of 2 New Periodic Tables each with 10 Periods, 5 Blocks, 50 Groups and 218 Elements.

“Imagine owning a system that will reduce or even eliminate failures. Imagine owning a system that will bypass years of 'trials and errors.' Successgenomics is that system,” says Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

“What Successgenomics does for people is it takes away years of 'trials and errors' to discover their genetic or natural talents and skills. There are 24 genetic Wealth, Health, and Success formulas. One of these formulas is theirs. If their Wealth, Health, and Success DNA formula does not match the Successful Person’s DNA formula, they will never duplicate their system. It is a waste of their hard-earned money. People can only duplicate a Success System of persons whose DNA formula is identical to theirs. What separates their DNA formula from a Successful Person’s, is their environment, lifestyle, diet, and their heredity,” says Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

Mr. Afamasaga said, “There are many skeptics out there. We do not want to give anyone excuses for not having access to Successgenomics because they cannot afford it. It is free to download at http://24dna.com! This is not science fiction anymore but a reality! If people really want something better for themselves and their loved ones, you need to check this out.”

About 24 DNA,
24 DNA is a privately held company in Garden Grove, California. They relocated from La Mirada. Its founders discovered various genetic Blueprints such as the “Human Genetic Blueprint and Its Contents” which has recently been granted a provisional patent by USPTO. The DNA discovered is a molecule of inheritance information, not the Blueprint that the DNA is a component. 24 DNA and its founders discovered the Sub-Atomic Enetertic Blueprint, which 2 NEW Periodic Tables with 218 Elements were invented.

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