Debuts New Flag Base Technology specializes in stock flags, poster, and banner displays. Their top selling product is a versatile new indoor/outdoor flag.

Bristol, RI, February 23, 2011 --(, a DisplayShops specialty website, is pleased to announce the launch of its “SALE” flag line. This new series of flags utilizes new cross base and stake technology to stand inside and outside.

Sandra Reno, the head of the new line’s advertising campaign states, “This new collection of flags gives the option for an indoor displays or outdoor presentations. The metal cross base makes it sturdily hold the flag indoors, while the stake keeps the flag in place outside. It is up to the retailers using the flag to choose which is best for them.”

The new line of flags includes an assembly kit. The flag is a red, white, and blue nylon with the stock message “SALE” written in black text. It is in the design of a ten foot tall feather. Slide the flag onto the black plastic pole and insert the pole into the stand. provides accessories for outdoor set up, such as a water bag for extra weight when used outdoors. All of these parts can be collected and placed into a black carrying case. Despite the size of the display, the assembly time required is minimal.

“We have taken great lengths to ensure that this product can function well in both indoor and outdoor environments,” adds Reno. “The flag is ideal for retail stores, car dealerships, and trade shows. Customers will be able to see that there is a sale from a great distance.

Brian Morgan
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