Nourishing USA and Homes for the Homeless Collaborating to Improve Health and Nutrition for Those In-Need

Homes for the Homeless and Nourishing USA are pleased to announce Milk from the Heart and Healthy Eating Class for children in-need on February 24, 2011.

New York, NY, February 24, 2011 --( Homes for the Homeless and Nourishing USA are pleased to announce Milk from the Heart and Healthy Eating Demonstration for in-need children on February 24, 2011. In response to the scarcity of quality nutritional food-stuffs and nutritional education within parts of New York City, Nourishing USA and Homes for the Homeless will be offering milk and a nutrition class free to in-need children on February 24th to help families and individuals that suffer disproportionately from poverty, obesity, and diabetes.

On February 24th, Nourishing USA will be sending nutrition volunteers to Boys and Girls Republic. The goal of the day is to teach children and their families how to use local and inexpensive resources to improve their overall nutrition. The program will focus on the use of whole-grains and fatty alternatives that can be created quickly, easily and inexpensively to reduce instances of obesity and diabetes as well as to use familiar foods such as hummus and jelly roll-ups and make them healthy.

“We have been teaching healthy eating classes for about three years, and have gotten a wonderful reception and great results. We could not be more pleased to partner with Homes for the Homeless and their Mobile Milk Truck to expand the people we will reach,” says Nourishing USA Chef and CEO Gina Keatley.

To be a part of these great events, sponsor a class, or to get more details go to or mail us at 419 Lafayette Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10003.

Nourishing USA's mission is to alleviate the strong correlation between low-income status and poor dietary health. Nourishing USA provides nutritious meals and nutritional educational without question and without criticism. Anyone is welcome regardless of age, sex, race, financial qualifications, or religious beliefs. Nourishing USA was opened in 2008 to address deprived nutrition, poor health and hunger—large issues facing poverty-stricken communities in New York City. At Nourishing USA, we strive to achieve the mission of “Nutrition for All” through a three-pronged approach of feed, educate and advocate.

At Homes for the Homeless, our mission is to provide homeless families with the opportunities and support necessary to move out of shelter and live independently.
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