$42,000 Give-Away for Small Businesses – Sponsored by IdeaCafe & Amsterdam Printing

Idea Café in association with AmsterdamPrinting.com today kicks off a $42,000 contest give-away. The contest invites businesses to answer a single question for a chance to win promotional merchandise or free online advertising for their company.

Chicago, IL, February 24, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Idea Café, an established online community for entrepreneurs, in association with AmsterdamPrinting.com, one of the country’s oldest and most reputable Promotional Merchandise companies, today launches a $42,000 contest give-away. The contest invites businesses to answer a single question for a chance to win promotional merchandise for their company, free promotion with online advertising for their company, or both.

With more than 50 chances to win and prizes totaling $42,000 in Advertising & Promotional Merchandise, businesses can enter as often as they wish through and including December 31, 2011. The contest begins February 21, 2011.

One or more winners will be selected each month, determined by the nature of the answer to the question asked. The 1 simple question asked, solicits a reply to: What was the most interesting, outstanding, innovative, or unique way you have ever seen promotional merchandise being used? The question invites them to share their observation and experience – describing also the creative manner in which the promotional merchandise was distributed, the worthy cause it served, and/or the exciting ways in which it enticed people to react or participate.

Winning entries and their submitted stories will be shared and featured each month in the free IdeaCafe Members eNewsletter and on other blogs and postings, and thus Idea Café members and visitors will be provided with a healthy list of fresh and effective promotional marketing ideas to use for promoting their businesses.

The contest is co-sponsored by BusinessOwnersIdeaCafe.com together with AmsterdamPrinting.com.

To enter the contest and learn more, please visit http://www.businessownersideacafe.com/business/merchandise-giveaway.php.

About Amsterdam
Amsterdam (http://www.amsterdamprinting.com/) has an extended history of providing quality printed business products to satisfied customers. Originating in 1898 Abraham Singer began his one-man print shop in the rear of his Amsterdam, NY apartment. By 1925, Amsterdam Printing & Litho was producing bridge score pads, personalized with an advertiser's name on each page. The business evolved and was constantly innovating to create new business channels. As the business expanded through the decades, so did the product selection. Today Amsterdam is a leader in bringing innovative promotional products to market to help businesses creatively promote their company and retain their customers. Anything from personalized pens, pocket calendars, desk calendars and all types of promotional products have become the essentials of the Amsterdam product range.

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