Formula For Stretching Distribution Supply Chain Into Hot Growth Markets Revealed by To-Increase

New blog post suggests combination of cultural understanding and a foundation of basic best practices is key to retail success in international growth markets

Norwell, MA, February 24, 2011 --( To-Increase, a provider of Microsoft Dynamics solutions for retail, reveals the secret formula for distributors attempting to stretch their supply chains into emerging international growth markets in a new blog post published this week.

The Secret Formula For Stretching Your Distribution Supply Chain Into The Hottest Growth Markets was published to the To-Increase blog by guest author Michael Shoemaker, Distribution Industry Market Development Manager, Microsoft Dynamics. For over 29 years, Shoemaker has been a key player focusing on product evaluation and GoTo Market solutions for Microsoft Dynamics brands.

"Is connecting with the retail customer more or less challenging when the buyer in question is located thousands of miles away from the final link in your supply chain?," asks Shoemaker. "And if the answer is as obvious as, ‘yes, of course,’ then what are the most complicated hurdles to overcome?"

Shoemaker identifies four key challenges commonly experienced by distributors that expand their supply chain into international growth markets:
1. Culture
2. Communication
3. Collaboration
4. Cost

"Understanding culture is the first ingredient in any formula for distribution success," continues Shoemaker. "But after we understand culture, our next three hurdles to overcome (in other words, our secret formula’s ingredients) change very little whether we are stretching our distribution supply chain across the street or across the globe."

Shoemaker goes on to detail how a foundation rooted in best practices, including real-time communication, global collaboration and cost-efficient processes can ease a distributor's initial foray into any new market, even one on the other side of the planet.

"The secret formula I share is actually quite basic, and essentially, that is the fundamental point," concludes Shoemaker. "The foundation for reaching the hottest retail growth markets will differ very little from the fundamental steps we must follow to ensure retail success when we tap into any new market."

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