What Jamie’s Dream School Could Learn from Us - Inspirational Approach by Nurtured Heart Solutions is Already Turning Around Teenagers' Lives in Manchester

Jamie’s Dream School, a new Channel 4 documentary series, follows 20 teenagers as they try to re-engage with school. All well and good for the lucky 20 but did you know that inspirational help is available right now in the North West to turn teenagers’ lives around through the Nurtured Heart Approach?

Manchester, United Kingdom, February 25, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The Nurtured Heart Approach began as a positive alternative to medicating children who had been diagnosed with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The success that had been achieved by families who had implemented the approach soon began to be noticed by teachers who witnessed significant improvement in behaviour and concentration of individual children.

Principals, teachers and classroom assistants who witnessed the level of improved behaviour began to recognise that the theories and strategies involved would be beneficial for maximising the potential of all students and gave a clear positive framework for all school staff to work with.

The aim of the Nurtured Heart Approach is not to try and manage or contain behaviour rather it aims to transform the way children perceive themselves, adults and the world around them.

How the Nurtured Heart Approach benefits schools?

· Creates a race for success amongst students
· Dramatically enhances relationships between students and school staff
· Reduces the number of incidents of disruptive behaviour
· Provides a thriving social curriculum leading to improved academic attainment
· Inspires and reconnects school staff with their initial desire to make a positive impact in children’s lives
· Increases staff morale, motivation and retention
· Maximises the potential of all students
· Harnesses children’s intensity and propelling them towards success
· Improves the quality of relationships with parents

Foundation training is taking place at Nurtured Heart’s headquarters in Altrincham for anyone interested in finding out more. Parent support is also available.

“After seventeen years of managing and working in children’s residential child care I can honestly say that the Nurtured Heart Approach has revolutionised the way I think and deliver my practice to the children in my care.

After three weeks of implementing the approach we began to witness major positive changes in the children’s behaviour. Our relationship with the young people have developed and improved immensely and the staff team have never been more focused.”

-- Registered Manager – Residential Children’s Home, Trafford

“Since we have started implementing the approach and receiving support we have had tremendous success in all areas of our child’s life. The number of tantrums has dropped dramatically, meal times and bedtimes are less problematic and I feel in control of the relationship with my child. My husband and I are now singing from the same hymn sheet when it comes to parenting.”

-- Parents, Cheshire

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