Local 5th Grade Prank-Call Bullies Could Be Thwarted by the Phone Number Search at PhoneRecordFinder.com

Washington state students who recently made mean calls to another student may have thought twice before calling if they knew about the free and easy-to-use reverse phone lookup feature at www.PhoneRecordFinder.com. The feature makes is simple to type in any landline or cell phone number (even unlisted) and get information about the caller. Such technology may mean would-be bullies won’t make those calls in the future.

Seattle, WA, March 01, 2011 --(PR.com)-- At a suburban elementary school in Washington State, the Principal recently gathered the 5th grade girls together to discuss a prank-call bullying problem. “A small group of girls had been calling other girls, saying mean things, and then hanging up,” reported one mother who wanted to remain anonymous to keep her children’s names off of the Internet.

Bullying incidents such as these can be discouraged and perhaps even eliminated through the use of the reverse phone lookup feature at www.PhoneRecordFinder.com.

First, the parents of the children who are being bullied with the phone calls can enter the caller’s phone number into the search field of www.PhoneRecordFinder.com and find out information about the caller. Much of the information is free, and there are options to get additional information for a small fee. Once the bully is identified, the issue becomes easier to address.

Second, by educating the children that it is free and easy to get information about callers - whether those unwanted calls come from a home, work or cell phone - children may feel empowered, and such bullying will be discouraged.

Even before a bullying issue happens in the local school, parents may want to educate their children about the technology available at www.PhoneRecordFinder.com to easily find information about callers. If the child received unwanted telephone calls, he or she can then talk to a parent about discovering the source of the call.

Parents can also check the Resources section of www.PhoneRecordFinder.com to find links and helpful information about kids and cellphones. One such link to a Washington not-for-profit gives helpful tips about how to keep your children safe: http://pomwa.org/default.aspx.

For more information, please visit www.PhoneRecordFinder.com.

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