Ebony Awakening Sponsors Journey Through Black Music for Black History Month

Ebony Awakening (http://www.ebonyawakening.org) sponsored a “Journey Through Black Music” where Tampa Bay musicians thrilled the audience at the Historic Fort Harrison Hotel in celebration for Black History Month.

Clearwater, FL, February 25, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Ebony Awakening (http://www.ebonyawakening.org) sponsored a “Journey Through Black Music” in celebration of Black History Month. The event was on Saturday, February 12th, at the Historic Fort Harrison Hotel where Ebony Awakening used music to show the "soul" of the African American as Tampa Bay musicians thrilled the audience.

Pat Harney, Public Affairs Director for the Church of Scientology in Clearwater, FL, owner of the Fort Harrison (http://scientology.fso.org/scientology-fso.htm), welcomed the over 200 guests from all areas of Tampa Bay. Mr. Maurice Mickens, founder of Harlem Nights, narrated the musical portion of the evening.

The audience learned that the influence of African American music on mainstream America began in the 19th century, as the American Civil War was fomenting and fought. “The freer Black People became,” Ms. Harney said, “the more their music was accepted and copied by the mainstream. Music is one of the enduring contributions that Black People have brought to the American culture.”

And in a curious reversal of history – the banjo – an instrument that was brought to America by Africans is now identified with the very South that seceded from the North and brought on the Civil War.

The artists took the audience through the many forms of Black Music. Tracing the roots of Black Music from African to West Indian shores were The Dundu Dole dancers; on to American shores with Gospel by the Glorious High Praise Team; The Blues by the Renegade; Jazz by Katt and Stan Hefner and Ms. Rose Bilal; R & B by Men of Note; and Rap by Ms. Jayne Trinette. Roxy and Naomi Kerr added their version of the Black National Anthem and Ms. Arbra Tawwab performed 2 pieces of poetry in honor of Black Music.

In keeping with the soulful rhythms of the music the audience were up on the dance floor throughout he evening. "No wonder," said Mickens, "African Americans refer to this music as 'soul' music."

Ebony Awakening closed out the weekend at the Fort Harrison on Sunday the 13th with a convention of seminars for visitors from all over the US who are actively improving their neighborhoods.

About Ebony Awakening:

Ebony Awakening (http://www.ebonyawakening.org) is a non-profit organization whose members include artists, educators, professionals and government employees with a diverse range of religious beliefs and political persuasions and who promote the use of L. Ron Hubbard’s social betterment programs to rid the inner cities of drugs, crime and illiteracy.

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