YES-secure Lenders Achieve High Returns of Up to 20 Percent

YES-secure, the trusted social lending marketplace, turns into a hot investment option for lenders, offering high average returns in excess of 20% across its various markets.

Barnet, United Kingdom, February 26, 2011 --( YES-secure offer an exciting avenue for investing money to folks who are on the lookout for returns as high as 20% which is higher than that possible via savings accounts and shares trading. As a peer to peer lending platform, YES-secure allows you to take more control of your money while allowing for attractive potential returns, and help others by offering them lower interest rates than those available through pay-day loan companies and even banks. “You can spread your investment across various YES-secure markets to suit your lending criteria as well as to diversify the risk”, said Dr Chandra Patni, the YES-secure CEO. Additionally, YES-secure provide a secondary market for quick and easy liquidity of loaned funds as and when required.

Why should investors choose peer lending platform YES-secure? Let’s take a look at the top reasons.

Quick online registration – YES-secure allows for easy and quick registration and upload of funds from the comfort of your home.
Credit-checked borrowers – Borrowers are thoroughly identity and credit-checked to minimise the default risk; only one out of every ten loan requests is approved.
Diversifying risk – You choose the borrowers and the markets to which you would like to lend your money, thereby customising your lending portfolio.
Investment options – You can invest your money through custom lending as well as auto lending plans. You can also withdraw or reinvest the money that you have earned.
Secondary market – YES-secure maintain an active secondary market for loans to provide enhanced liquidity and investment option to the investors. The loan slices can be sold at a discount or premium to generate quick funds while other lenders can buy these to create an instant diversified investment portfolio.
Strict underwriting – YES-secure use a combination of Debt to Income (DTI), Net Disposable Income (NDI) and Total Obligation to Income (TOI) ratios. The aim is to improve the potential default rate probabilities quoted by the credit-referencing agency for the benefit of the lenders.
Risk management – Peer-to-peer lending entails a certain amount of risk like other investments, the foremost being default by a borrower. YES-secure have a robust collections process, and a professional debt collection agency steps in and pursues the loan for its lifetime in the case of a default.
Earn high returns – YES-secure is a hot investment option for lenders with average returns for all market going over 20% (AER). It caters to a much wider range of borrowers (A*-E credit scores) than its competitors, which in turn potentially fetches higher returns for the investors, as higher risk markets are likely to generate higher interest rates.
Investor privacy – Your personal information and sensitive financial data is kept strictly confidential and secure. only facilitates the agreements between lenders and borrowers. So even in the case of going under, your contracts are still legally valid and any appointed administrator will manage the agreements on your behalf and continue the existing loans payments to the investors for the life of the loan.

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