Social Network for Entrepreneurs Provides Small Business Help

Small Business Bonfire is an Online Community that Provides Small Business Help for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Stewartsville, NJ, March 01, 2011 --( Small Business Bonfire, an online community providing help and support for entrepreneurs and small business owners, launched recently at The community, founded by Alyssa Gregory, focuses on collaboration between small business owners.

The Small Business Bonfire challenges entrepreneurs to identify what is not working for their businesses and to change how they operate to improve success. Members of the community gain access to a growing social network of other passionate and talented entrepreneurs who share experiences, exchange ideas and offer small business advice.

Other membership benefits include access to the Red Hot Tool of the Week, which highlights new productivity, social media, Internet or other business-related tools tested by the Small Business Bonfire team. Membership also includes access to the Small Business Library, a collection of reports, guides, tip sheets, swipe files, worksheets, forms and tools submitted by other Small Business Bonfire members.

Alyssa Gregory started the site because she was inspired by support, guidance and advice she received from other small business owners when launching her first business. Gregory feels that all small business owners can benefit from the support of other entrepreneurs.

"We all have a story; we all have the potential for success; and we all face challenges in our small businesses," says Gregory. "One of the most effective ways to get small business help is by communicating and collaborating with your peers. The Small Business Bonfire provides the environment for entrepreneurs to do that."

Gregory strives to be more than a silent owner on the site. She plans on sharing her own experiences, advice and resources on the community and says she will not hesitate to ask questions herself.

The website currently offers a free Kindling membership level with paid premium membership levels set to launch by the end of March. In the future, Gregory says Small Business Bonfire plans to launch a printed monthly newsletter, quarterly magazine, live video conferences and a store selling small business products.

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About Alyssa Gregory
Alyssa Gregory is a small business enthusiast, writer, speaker and consultant who has a passion for learning, creating opportunities for collaboration, and sharing knowledge. She reaches over 700,000 small business owners and entrepreneurs every month through her many online and offline ventures, and is well respected by her peers for the high quality information and advice that she shares with her readers, clients and colleagues. Her work can be found on, and a number of other small business sites. A full listing of her credentials can be found on

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