Maine Employers Can Cut Payroll Software Expenses with Patriot PAY

Patriot Software, Inc. releases online payroll software option “Patriot PAY” to Maine small business owners.

Canton, OH, March 03, 2011 --( Maine small business owners looking to rein in their business costs can save on payroll by switching to Patriot PAY online payroll software. Offered by Patriot Software, Inc., the payroll service accurately calculates all payroll in Maine as well as 21 other states, including Connecticut and New Hampshire.

Maine employers can run payroll with Patriot PAY anywhere they have a computer and online access. Because Patriot PAY is designed for American companies with 50 employees or fewer, the software is well-suited to the many small businesses that dominate the Maine economy, including outdoor sports, fishing, forestry, and blueberry-growing industries.

Patriot PAY gives customers the flexibility of different printing options and settings they can change as needed. The payroll software offers different pay processing options, including direct deposit, printed, or handwritten paychecks.

Maine employers can also save on the high cost of accounting services by opting for TaxBeGone, the tax filing service that works alongside Patriot PAY. According to Doug Simmons, payroll tax specialist at Patriot Software, paying and filing required state and federal payroll taxes can be one less worry for TaxBeGone customers in Maine.

“TaxBeGone is a great value for employers looking to spend more time on their business than on their taxes,” Simmons says.

Business customers can also rest assured that Patriot’s payroll calculations are accurate. In fact, they’re guaranteed to be right, with thousands of tests run every day to ensure the payroll engine is calculating properly. And because there’s no long-term obligation, customers can leave at any time.

Maine employers can take a free 48-hour test drive of the software, either on their own or guided by a Patriot customer service representative. Using Patriot’s sample company data or their own company data, customers can try out the features of Patriot PAY, including adding and editing employee payroll information and running sample payrolls and reports.

Patriot PAY is designed for ease-of-use, with help screens, training articles, and videos built-in throughout. If customers have additional questions, they can find the help they need by contacting Patriot customer service through online or phone help.

Maine employers will find that it’s easy to plan their exact monthly software costs per employee with the Patriot Software Calculator. Affordable monthly prices for payroll service start at just $10 a month for Patriot PAY. Customers can add on other Patriot business products at any time with the click of a mouse.

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