OC Fitness Boot Camp Discovers a Little Bit of 'Medicine' Volleyball Helps the Exercise Go Down

A new sport called Medicine Volleyball is a Southern California hit. It was created when the fitness staff forgot the volleyballs, and substituted an eight-pound medicine ball.

San Clemente, CA, March 04, 2011 --(PR.com)-- A new form of volleyball – discovered quite by accident – is rapidly gaining popularity on scenic Southern California beaches. It’s called Medicine Volleyball, and what it lacks in spectacular spikes and dramatic digs, is more than offset by a surprisingly effective and fun workout.

“I simply forgot to bring a volleyball for my students one morning,” said Rod Edmondson, a certified fitness instructor and founder of OC Fitness Boot Camp. “My class was expecting to play volleyball, and all I had was a couple of medicine balls. So, I did some fast fitness improv and incorporated an eight-pound medicine ball into the game. Luckily my students loved it… and we’ve been playing Medicine Volleyball ever since.”

Loosely based on regulation volleyball rules, in Medicine Ball Volleyball, the server uses whatever means possible to sling, chuck or shot put the ball over the net. The opposing side must then catch the medicine ball and throw it back. If the catching technique is a little off, the player often winds up on his or her back, still clutching the medicine ball. Hitting the net is an absolute no-no, and results in a point for the other side.

According to Edmondson, the rules aren’t nearly as important as the quality of the workout.

“Medicine ball training has always been a very beneficial exercise. However, it can become very tedious and boring for many people,” says Edmondson, who has six different fitness certifications. “By using a medicine ball to play volleyball, my students are getting an incredible full body workout in a very short period. After about twenty minutes, they are as tired from laughing as they are playing medicine volleyball.”

Edmondson says Medicine Volleyball attracts a lot of attention from casual onlookers.

“At first glance, it looks like we’re playing volleyball. But when people realize we’re actually playing with a medicine ball – they are very intrigued and want to know more about what we’re doing,” said Edmondson, who says their games are already a YouTube sensation. “The bottom line is that it’s great exercise and an amazing amount of fun – that’s always a winning combination for my students.”

Rod Edmondson