Former Realtor Creates a Unique Closing Gift that Brings Referrals to Realtors and Helps New Homeowners Share News of Their Move

Closing gift is not only unique for buyers, but also includes the information that helps clients remember their Realtor next time they are looking to buy or sell.

Minneapolis, MN, February 19, 2007 --( As a Realtor, Wendy Jacobson realized there was no personalized closing gift that would keep her name on top of her clients’ minds. So, when she exited real estate and launched her own gift and announcement company, Jacobson created a customized closing gift that is not only unique for buyers, but also includes the information that helps clients remember their Realtor next time they are looking to buy or sell.

Make the Closing Front-page News…with Realtor Contact Information Displayed
The gift is housed in an 8 x 10 frame and captures the closing in the form of a newspaper front page. It includes a photo of the new property, story about the buyer and the search, and how their agent helped navigate the sale. This built-in testimonial will remind the buyers of the services their Realtor provided, and convey those services to others who see the gift. The Realtor's name, company, contact information and logo are displayed. Each time the client looks at the gift, that Realtor's information is front and center. Cost of living factoids and time capsule information are also included so the day of closing is always remembered.

In Addition, Buyers Can Send 10 “Just Moved” Cards with the Click of a Mouse
Further, Unique-Announce offers a gift card that enables the buyer to send 10 “Just Moved” greeting cards from their computer. They simply log onto the online system, choose their card, and supply the names and addresses of those people who will receive the card. Unique-Announce takes care of printing, addressing the envelope and mailing the cards via First Class postage. New homeowners can easily spread the word about their new address while they are settling into their new home.

Total price for the closing Front Page gift and ten (10) "Just Moved" customized greeting cards - $49.95 per gift.

Unique-Announce owner Wendy Jacobson emphasizes this program provides several benefits for Realtors: it allows for creativity and personalization by providing buyers with something completely specific to them and their new home experience. Moreover, it showcases the buyer’s experience with the agent, keeping the Realtor’s name front and center. The “Just Moved” cards are the icing on the cake, enabling the buyers to quickly and easily announce their new address while they settle into their new home.

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About Unique-Announce
Unique-Announce provides a unique, fun and personalized way to announce life’s occasions. All products are created to reflect thoughtfulness, along with acute attention to detail and lots of care. Owner Wendy Jacobson knows that each piece that goes out the door is not just a reflection on the person giving the gift, but also it is a reflection on her and Unique-Announce.

Whether you are looking for a gift for a new baby and his/her parents, someone's birthday, new home, graduation, wedding or new pet... chances are Unique-Announce can offer something you haven't seen before.

Wendy Jacobson