PumpScout.com Connects Thousands of Engineers with Pump Manufacturers and Suppliers

Pump supplier search engine gets industrial pump buyers price quotes fast.

Tacoma, WA, March 09, 2011 --(PR.com)-- PumpScout.com has been launched as a dynamic search engine that helps pump buyers including engineers, maintenance professionals and contractors connect with pump suppliers and get price quotes.

The website invites buyers to enter their pump system criteria and then identifies suppliers that sell the pump they need. Pump buyers can even specify whether they want service from a local or national supplier.

PumpScout.com features more than 80 and their product lines including Blackmer, AMT, Ruhrpumpen, Griswold, Wilden, and Cat Pumps. The suppliers’ products serve multiple industries including oil and gas, chemical process, water and wastewater, construction, mining, power generation and more.

“Pump buyers understand their system criteria and have an idea of the type of pump they are looking for, but getting quotes from multiple suppliers can mean hours trolling the Internet. PumpScout.com saves buyers that time and provides a quick and easy way to compare price quotes for the pump they need,” said Justin Johnson, PumpScout.com co-founder and CEO.

PumpScout.com’s featured pump manufacturers and pump distributors receive qualified sales leads, increased web traffic and improved search engine rankings.

“We are aggressively increasing our partnerships with pump suppliers, loading more than 25 companies and their product lines into our system each month,” Johnson said. “We want to be the go-to resource for pump buyers.”

PumpScout.com also includes numerous tips and tools from experts in the fluid handling industry. The comprehensive Pump Types Guide is an excellent, easy-to-use resource for those needing to identify the right pump type(s) for their application.

And PumpScout.com’s Expert Tips articles provide additional advice from consultants and industry experts on topics from saving money and time in buying pumps to practical pump maintenance.

About PumpScout.com

PumpScout.com is a next generation, pump supplier search engine featuring more than 80 companies and their product lines. PumpScout.com connects pump buyers with the right pump manufacturers and distributors for their job and provides them quotes – fast and free.

PumpScout.com is the pump buyer’s single source for pump suppliers and consumer information, tools and tips on buying and maintaining all kinds of industrial pumps.

For more information, visit www.PumpScout.com.

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