Award Winning Honibe™ Honey Drops™ Now Available in Hannaford and Sweetbay Supermarkets

Honibe™ Honey Drop™ Sweetener Sold in 105 Sweetbay Supermarkets in Florida and 170 Hannaford Locations in the Northeastern United States

Charlottetown, Canada, March 10, 2011 --( Island Abbey Foods Ltd™, specialty honey manufacturer, today announced that their world’s first pure dried honey cube, the Honibe™ Honey Drop™ hot beverage sweetener, will now be available in all 170 Hannaford Supermarkets in the Northeastern United States and 105 Sweetbay Supermarkets throughout Florida. Hannaford and Sweetbay locations offer consumers a first-class shopping experience through outstanding value, quality and the variety of foods available on the shelf. Sweetbay and Hannafords will carry two flavors of the Honey Drop™: Pure Honey, and Honey with Lemon.

The Honey Drop™ is a healthy alternative to the sugar cube and offers a solution for honey lovers who are tired of sweetening their hot beverages with messy liquid honey. The Honey Drop™ is an individual serving (one teaspoon / 5 g.) of 100% pure dried honey without any additives or preservatives. It is ideal for sweetening tea or coffee. Simply drop into a hot beverage and stir. You have all the natural flavor of honey without the usual honey mess.

“To now have our Honibe™ Honey Drops™ available in all Sweetbay and Hannaford locations is tremendous for our company,” stated John Rowe, President of Island Abbey Foods Ltd™. “These locations are ideal for our 100% pure dried Honey Drops™ as these grocers pride themselves on offering the most vibrant, exciting and diverse foods within their markets. Our Honey Drops™ are the first of their kind in the world and to offer them on Sweetbay’s and Hannaford’s shelves is the perfect fit as their customer base is constantly looking for new food innovations.”

The Honibe™ brand has received major international recognition in recent months with the Honey Drop™, named as the Global SIAL d’Or Winner 2010 for the best new food product in the world. The Honey Drop™ was also named as the best new product in the 'Grocery Sweet 2010' and best of Canada 'Country Award 2010' categories. Honibe™ was recently featured on one of Canada’s most popular television shows, CBC’s Dragons’ Den, where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to savvy business investors.

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About Island Abbey Foods Ltd™

Island Abbey Foods Ltd. is a specialty honey producer based in Prince Edward Island, Canada. We are a 6th generation PEI agricultural family business with our feet firmly planted in our Island's bright red soil (ideal for farming with its high iron and nutrient content). Honibe™ (hon-ee-bee) brand honey is our line of all natural, specialty honey from PEI. Under our Honibe™ brand we offer innovative products like the Honey Drop™, the world’s first 100% pure, no mess, non sticky honey, and a better tasting sugar cube. We also offer Honey Lozenges™ with added Eucalyptus and Menthol for sore throats; Honey Delights™ - Pure honey candy; and Honey Sprinkles™ - honey granules for baking and sweetening tea or coffee.

About Sweetbay Supermarket and Hannaford
Sweetbay Supermarket provides a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, built from the ground up and developed from research in core markets to express the vibrant, exciting and diverse tastes, colors and aromas of food important to Floridians. Sweetbay Supermarket was launched in November 2004 in Largo and is headquartered in Tampa. Sweetbay has 105 stores in Florida. Hannaford started in 1883 from a one-horse cart and has grown today to include over 170 supermarket locations serving the Northeastern United States. Sweetbay and Hannaford are owned by Belgium-based Delhaize Group. One of the world’s largest food retailers, Delhaize Group owns and operates more than 2,500 stores globally, including U.S. supermarkets Food Lion, Bloom, Bottom Dollar and Harvey’s.

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