– Egyptian Families Will Come Together to Celebrate Sham El Nessin in April 2011 reveals that Egyptians all over the country will celebrate the beginning of spring during the national holiday, Sham El Nessim this April.

Aswan, Egypt, March 10, 2011 --( Each year the day falls on the day following the Christian Easter celebration. Irrespective of the fact that the date is dictated by a Christian holiday, Egyptians from all religious backgrounds take part in this celebration. This year the holiday will take place on 25 April 2011.

The roots of the celebration go back as far as 2700 BC when the celebration was marked by the Ancient Egyptians on the vernal equinox. Its name comes from the name for the harvest season, which the Egyptians call “shemu,” meaning “the day of creation.” The first documents regarding the holiday were written in the first century AD and state that the Ancient Egyptians would offer lettuce, onions and salted fish to the gods as a type of thanksgiving.

The modern day festival is closely related to the Christian celebration of Easter, which also celebrates the beginning of spring. The day has become known as Sham el Nessim, which translates literally as “smelling the breeze.”

On this day families will prepare food for a picnic and eat outside, enjoying the spring breeze. People crowd in public parks and green areas as they eat traditional foods. Visitors staying in Aswan hotels will be able to observe the celebrations by eating scallion (green onions, boiled eggs, lettuce and Fiseekh (smelly fish).

Lek Boonlert, marketing head at commented: “Egyptians will crowd the cities as they celebrate the coming of spring. Visitors wishing to join in the celebrations should book hotels in advance to ensure availability.”


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