BIOMIN’s Biotronic® Top3 to Capitalize on the Per4izer®-Effect

BIOMIN launches a new natural growth promoter that effectively combats pathogenic bacteria to improve weight gain and feed conversion, thanks to the proven synergistic effects of three ingredients – a blend of organic acids, a phytochemical and the Per4izer®.

Herzogenburg, Austria, March 11, 2011 --( BIOMIN launches Biotronic® Top3, a new natural growth promoter combining carefully selected ingredients with a scientifically proven synergism for improved animal performance.

“The VIV Asia in Bangkok marks the international launch of this unique natural growth promoter which combines organic acids, a phytochemical and the Per4izer® to create a synergism in their mode of action,” says Dr. Renata Urbaityte, Technical Manager at BIOMIN.

Organic acids are strong antimicrobials working against pathogenic bacteria in feed and the gastrointestinal tract. The phytochemical works to inhibit the division of harmful bacteria. The “breakthrough” is achieved with the Per4izer® - a unique substance that causes the permeability of the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria. Such action facilitates the entry of organic acids and the phytochemical, leading to an enhanced antimicrobial effect.

A special inorganic carrier acts as a Sequential Release Medium to secure a slow release of the active ingredients in the feed and gastro-intestinal tract.

Biotronic® Top3 improves animal growth performance through the reduction of common bacterial burden, stimulating productivity. The first trial results in poultry and pigs have shown improvements in weight gains and feed conversion rates by 8 and 4%, respectively.

This highly effective synergistic mode of action helps realize even greater economic benefits from animal production.

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