Lloydshare to Focus on Stabilizing the Timeshare Industry at ARDA Conference 2011

The Annual ARDA (American Resort Development Association) Conference and Expo is less than 3 weeks away, and Lloydshare plans to bring together a 'meeting of minds' to discuss stabilizing the timeshare industry.

Orlando, FL, March 10, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The main focus at the ARDA Conference and Expo in Orlando, FL later this month is to stabilize the timeshare industry and market, which has felt growing pains recently with market expansion. Lloydshare is issuing a battle-call to all attendees to join other timeshare industry professionals in an open-forum discussion on stabilizing the timeshare market.

Each year, the decision-makers who run the top resorts, hotels, and other timeshare-related companies gather at the annual ARDA Conference and Expo to share ideas, strategies, and make important business contacts. The ARDA Conference is heralded as the premiere meeting-point within the US for the timeshare industry executives and brass. Seminars, open-forums, and scheduled mingling events are planned each year, focusing on the current events and issues which require the attention of the ARDA Conference attendees.

This year, the hot-topics the ARDA Conference attendees will be addressing include the economic setbacks plaguing the travel industry at large, and also the few resorts and companies which are giving the timeshare industry a bad name because of their scams and fraudulent activities.

The economic instability due to the US stock market and banking bail-outs has sent ripple-effects through many other industries, and the travel industry has felt the pain more severely than some of the other industries. Considered a non-essential expense, travel plans were cut as families throughout the world tighten their wallets.

Sales rates throughout the timeshare industry are down these past few years in comparison to that of 10 years ago. The executives who manage the resorts of the world are eager to come up with a solution to increase the numbers of their sales rooms. An open-forum is scheduled during the ARDA Conference and Expo 2011 to address this increasingly-important issue.

One of the other topics to be addressed at the ARDA Conference will be how to shut-down the scamming and defrauding companies who operate on the fringes of the timeshare industry. The companies who's main function is to scam and defraud their clients is ruining the trust ARDA members have established over time. In a few short years, these companies have caused priceless damage to the once-pristine reputation of the timeshare industry.

"The reputation of the timeshare and resort industry is currently marred by these frauders, many of whom prey on unsuspecting people looking to invest their hard-earned dollars in a resort" admits Maria Gonzales, the top sales executive at Lloydshare Limited. The scammers are relying on the misinformation of their rights in the country they purchase their timeshare from, and one of the solutions proposed at a past ARDA Conference was to inform would-be investors about their rights. Currently in many of the top resort towns, ARDA members are working to give the power of knowledge to those looking to purchase a package at any number of resorts.

As they increase the informative campaign to empower their clients, the ARDA members have experienced resistance from some of the scamming companies who are the target of ARDA's campaign. These companies realize that their scams can only be effective if their prey is uninformed and considered powerless. The ARDA campaign's effectiveness will being felt throughout their dark industry.

Lloydshare and ARDA Conference and Expo 2011 will be hosting an open-forum on reducing the scams and frauds which are tarnishing the image and reputation of the timeshare industry. Lloydshare invites all attendees at the ARDA Conference and Expo 2011 to both of the above mentioned open-forums.

For more information, please visit the Lloydshare booth. Lloydshare can be found at stand #1131 at the ARDA convention in Orlando, held from March 27 - 31, 2010.

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