Announces Exclusive Launch of Tiger Blood Hot Sauce®

Reno, NV, March 13, 2011 --( Sauce2u.Com has located the secret recipe to make Tiger Blood Winning Hot Sauce®. has searched the world and flown in the rare ingredients for this winning hot sauce.

Sauce2u.Com was founded in 1996 in Baltimore, Maryland as a retail location and web based hot sauce supplier. Over the years has grown from a small retailer to a national manufacturer and distributor of hot sauce and related products. In the last five years has expanded into the private labeling market, including personal hot sauces, corporate advertising specialties and charity fund raising items.

Sauce2u.Com and its products; such as Hot Sauce for Dummies®, USMC Jason's Jarhead and Bobbie Wiener's Bloody Mary sauces can be found online and available for retail sale in many national retailers in North America.

Jon Yuspa