Kamweld Introduces Bosite Electronic Welders for Plastics

Kamweld Technologies has added five models of Bosite plastic welders to its arsenal of welding guns. The Bosite hot air welders function electronically without the need for an attached, regulated air supply. This turnkey convenience is matched by the five Bosite models that provide choices in price and utility. Kamweld also provides a complete set of Bosite welder tips and replacement heating elements for each welding gun model. The Bosite guns can be ordered on Kamweld’s website.

Norwood, MA, March 16, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Kamweld Technologies, a leading US provider of welders and other tools for working with different plastics, now provides five new Bosite-built plastic welding guns from its online storefront. Kamweld’s new welders offer portability and easier set up because their high temperature output is provided by internal electronics. Their welding temperatures can be precisely adjusted for working with different plastic types.

Kamweld’s new plastic welder offering includes three product lines. The 1600 Watt models provide a continuous hot air stream up to a use temperature of 1300°F (700°C). The eKTI-06902 includes a high and low volume air switch for use on different job needs. This model comes equipped with a digital display insuring minimal temperature deviation between user set point and actual welding temperature. The eKTI-06900 is especially suitable for continuous use at high temperature. The final member of the 1600 Watt product line, the eKTI-06901 includes the features of the eKTI-06900 with the addition of a user friendly, flexible, portable, and labor saving handle grip.

The first welder in the 3000 Watt line is the eKTI-06903. It includes a high power supply (3000 W) and outputs hot air from a wide barrel for a wider range of applications such as shrink wrapping, circuit board rework, automotive repair and general plastics welding.

The first welder in the 1000 Watt line is the eKTI-06904. This welder provides 1000°F (538°C) of hot air at an economical price. Featuring a double insulated welding gun that is both safe and reliable

All three families feature double insulated welding guns that are both safe and reliable. Welder tips and replacement elements are available for all of the new welders from Kamweld’s online store.

“We’re excited to offer our customers these very affordable,high quality, electronic hot air welding guns,” says Len Alter, Kamweld Product Manager. “In fact, we’re offering five models across three product lines, so we have an electronic welder for just about any plastic type or welding job. There are all kinds of plastic welding needs and Kamweld has hot air guns to meet them all.”

For more information about the Kamweld electronic welders build by Bosite, visit Kamweld.com, call 781-762-6922 or e-mail Kamweld at sales@kamweld.com

Kamweld Technologies, Inc.
Len Alter