MacNair Research Announces New Freezer Lift that Changes the Way Food is Stored

New Freezer/Refrigerator Lift is Very Cool

Edmonton, Canada, February 21, 2007 --( Canadian Inventor Ken MacNair is changing the way food is stored in chest freezers and chest refrigerators with a revolutionary invention called the MacNair Freezer Lift. The Freezer Lift fits inside a chest style freezer or refrigerator. The four major advantages include: food is easier to access, more food can be stored in the same amount of space, operating costs are reduced, and food waste is lessened.

The MacNair Freezer Lift solves the problem of having to bend over into the freezer by elevating the entire contents up and out of the freezer at the touch of a button. In addition, almost 20% more food can be stored in the same size freezer, with an incredible 40% energy savings, simply because the cold air isn’t lost every time you open the unit.

The cost of a lift-equipped chest freezer or refrigerator is expected to be similar to the cost of an upright freezer or refrigerator. Also, the energy savings alone will pay for the lift system within four to six years depending on regional energy costs.

MacNair is in the process of licensing the patent. He is currently entering into negotiations with freezer and refrigerator manufacturers around the world.

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