Winning STEP Announces New Blog “Whitney’s Winning STEPs”

Winning STEP’s new interactive blog for people who are facing life transitions provides strategies for college, career and independence to empower individuals to step up to their future and make successful life transitions.

Baltimore, MD, March 18, 2011 --( Winning STEP™ is proud to announce its new Blog, written by the Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Lydia Whitney. “Whitney’s Winning STEPs” offers personal observations, insights and practical tips for those facing major life transitions. The goal of the blog is to share strategies and recent research in order to provide hands-on help for handling change.

"Not only have I spent the last three years researching these topics," states Lydia Whitney, Director of Curriculum & Instruction for Winning STEP™, “but I have also personally gone through them. I remember making the transition from high school to college, then from college to a career, and finally being faced with an unexpected career change in my late 30’s.”

The new Winning STEP™ blog offers sensible suggestions and research-supported strategies for those who are facing major life transitions of their own. Each week a new entry highlights different aspects of career and/or college planning, as well as general advice for navigating major life transitions such as moving out on your own, finding a new career after the military, dealing with unemployment, going back to work or searching for a new job. Topics include resumes, interviews, emotional and social skills, cultivating happiness, college planning, career exploration, practical day-to-day life management, organization, study skills, creating job security and more.

Visitors can link to the blog, share blog entries; sign up to receive new blogs and more. Comments and questions are welcome. Those who click on Ask the Experts can even suggest topics for future blog entries and ask specific questions. The blog is expected to grow quickly over the next few weeks.

Winning STEP™ offers many free resources as well as comprehensive guides and independent study programs to help students and adults with career planning, career change, job search, life transitions, college planning and testing preparation. The website also offers the option to sign up for emails and updates, including blog entries as they are posted.

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