BioRegenerative Sciences, Inc. Releases Feminese Comfort Creme for Vaginal Dryness

Using stem cell technology, BRS developed a topical cream to help relieve the pain and irritation associated with dry vagina syndrome.

San Diego, CA, March 19, 2011 --( Dr. Greg Maguire and Peter Friedman, founders of BioRegenerative Sciences, Inc., a privately owned stem cell therapeutics corporation headquartered in San Diego, CA, USA, announced today the release of Feminese Comfort Creme, a topically applied creme for relieving the pain and irritation associated with vaginal dryness. BioRegenerative Sciences' clinical studies of Feminese Comfort Creme demonstrated that the pain and irritation associated with dry vagina syndrome was reduced or eliminated in a matter of days following topical application. According to Dr. Greg Maguire, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer of BRS, "Feminese Comfort Creme restores the biochemical properties of the vaginal surface to a healthy state and increases vaginal secretions so that the tissue is no longer inflamed and irritated." Peter Friedman, CBO of BRS, said that "Feminese Comfort Creme is an easily applied topical cream that replaces in the vaginal surface what was present in the normal, healthy tissue." Dr. Maguire also added, "Feminese Comfort Creme uses BRS's patented core technology, known as S2RM TechnologyTM where stem cell released molecules from multiple stem cell types are used to formulate the cream." Maguire and Friedman further stated that molecules comprising the S2RM TechnologyTM replace the multitude of molecules that have been lost in the vaginal tissue. Feminese has been in development at BRS' research laboratories for the last several years, and recently completed clinical trials allowed Feminese to be released for sale in the US market in March 2011. BRS's Feminese Comfort Creme can be purchased online at: For more information, please email, or call customer service at 877.892.9991.

BioRegenerative Sciences, Inc.
Dr. Greg Maguire