Jackie Fame Launches .Net platform, JackieFame.net

With great anticipation, Jackie Fame launches its .Net platform focused on its mission to provide a safer environment for kids to have fun, learn and understand how to respect the Internet.

Los Angeles, CA, March 22, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Brothers Joshua Swauger (age 9) and Zachary Swauger (age 12) have been building the Jackie Fame brand for the past several years. On January 1, 2011, the brothers launched their social network portal www.JackieFame.com which is a network designed to create a safer environment where kids can have fun, communicate, and interact – a social media portal “built by kids, for kids, monitored by parents”. In the first sixty days since its launch, the network has attracted over 900 members from all over the country, and growth continues to compound daily.

The brothers, holding firm to their commitment of creating a safer online environment for kids, launched the .NET initiative today, www.JackieFame.net, which reinforces the core focus of their mission.

“We organized JackieFame.NET to be the starting place for our new and current members,” says Joshua “Everything is there, from Google’s Safe Search with content filters activated, to the five additional links for our network – it is all in one place now.”

“We will continue to improve the network, particularly the FAME Family Education area where members can learn about online safety from original and partner content,” says Zachary. “We hope that we continue to have educators contribute to our mission of providing a safe online space for kids by suggesting new content for this section.”

Who is Jackie Fame?
"Jackie Fame is everyone... It's not a gender or a skin color. It's not just about being famous, like an athlete or movie star, Fame is about more, much more, including the arts, music, school, work, helping those in need, and even how we treat our friends and family. It's every one of us who strives to be the best, all the time, at whatever we do. Now that's True Fame, that's Jackie Fame" says brothers Joshua & Zachary.

To find out more about the Jackie Fame Network, social media portal and the Jackie Fame brand, visit http://www.JackieFame.net. There you can join the network, utilize Google’s safe search, learn about online safety, play games, listen to music, download videos and pictures, blog, chat and invite FAME friends to join.

About Jackie Fame, Inc.
Brothers Joshua Swauger (age 9) and Zachary Swauger (age 12), have been building the Jackie Fame brand and a variety of product lines/designs for the past several years. From Jackie Fame apparel to watches, wristbands and athletic equipment, the brothers have been hard at work spreading the word about Jackie Fame. Recently the organization developed a network to complement the brand, creating a place where members can learn, communicate, interact, share ideas, play games, listen to music, download videos and pictures, blog, chat and invite Fame friends to join.

Jackie Fame, Inc
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