Delicious! Spring Facial Menu Features Natural Anti-Aging Techniques

Delicious! skincare's Spring Nourishing and Anti-Aging facial treatment line includes 3 new nutrient-rich ingredients that provide natural elixirs for the skin.

Shanghai, China, March 24, 2011 --( Shanghai based natural skin care brand Delicious! has launched a new Spring 2011 menu that features three new natural anti-aging ingredients that will give your skin a boost to counteract the winter doldrums and bring a new glow to your complexion.

Delicious! offers three luxurious seasonal skin nutrition treatment lines each season that are truly gourmet food for the skin:
- Nourishing and Anti-aging line
- Brightening and Whitening line
- Purifying and Detox line

Each seasonal line includes three treatments, the first of which is always based around fruit, berry or vegetable extracts; the second of which focuses on herbs, flowers and botanicals; while the last makes generous use of herbal ingredients from the ancient Chinese pharmacopeia.

Fresh this spring, the Nourishing and Anti-Aging line incorporates three ingredients that are naturally rich in amino acids, known to boost your immune system (and benefit your skin as well) and that promote collagen production and cellular recovery while having the added benefit of clearing up blemishes and smoothing the skin:
- Pine bee pollen
- Bee propolis
- Kelp extract

Olya Eastman, the Delicious! founder said, “Spring is the season when your skin needs extra help and an influx of vitamins and minerals after the cold winter months. Often skin is dull, dry and malnourished so we include some natural tonic elixirs in our Spring treatments to energize, fortify skin’s immunity and tone and give it a much needed vitamin and mineral boost.” She added, “Spring ingredients such as pine bee pollen, bee propolis, kelp extract, as well as schizandra berry, gingko herb and seabuckthorn oil are true super-foods for skin!”

The Spring menu also introduces two new herbs from the Russian garden that are particularly beneficial for natural skin care:
- Red Clover (Trifolium) - filled with antiseptic, purifying and healing properties, and
- Yarrow - (Achillea millefolium) - soothing and balancing complexion

And as an added treat, an exotic new plant oil has been added that has strong anti-oxidant properties and is high in carotenoids and essential fatty acids, perfect for enhancing skin elasticity and hydration: Elderberry Seed Oil - (Sambucus).

Delicious! Food for your Skin
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