Web-Based Mapping Improves Commercial Lease Management

Cuyahoga Falls, OH, March 24, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The InfoGrow Corporation today released a White Paper that helps commercial real-estate lease professionals better understand and interpret data, quickly administer portfolios, and make better decisions. It discusses how to share up-to-date lease and property portfolios from any location - without problems often associated with complex and costly in-house software packages.

The White Paper, “30 Ways Web-based Mapping Improves Commercial Lease Management,” describes how a mapping system transforms geographically referenced spatial data into business intelligence on the locations, spatial interactions, and geographic relationships of various entities in a given environment. With this mapping capability, lease managers can easily visualize information relationships and manage by exception, rather than be overwhelmed by rows and columns of data in traditional spreadsheets.

Mapping benefits are vast and powerful because 100% of commercial lease data has a geographic reference, such as addresses and location proximities. Geography is especially important in the commercial lease market. No matter how good a company’s service or product, a less-than-optimal business location can hurt the business. Key business-location factors include proximity to customers, transportation infrastructure, environmental risk considerations, and current and potential competitors.

With this powerful “Location Intelligence,” organizations can more readily identify business growth opportunities, choose profitable locations for expansion, improve information sharing throughout their organization, and gain a competitive advantage. Read a full copy of the White Paper, “30 Ways Web-based Mapping Improves Commercial Lease Management,” at http://landing.infogrow.net/leaselanding.aspx.

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