A1 Costa Rica Properties Partners with A1 Costa Rica Real Estate

A1 Costa Rica Properties S.A. has entered in a partnership with A1 Costa Rica Real Estate S.A. to increase their internet visibility.

Los Angeles, CA, March 25, 2011 --(PR.com)-- A1 Costa Rica Properties has partnered with A1 Costa Rica Real Estate where both companies will be sharing some real estate listings in the Costa Rican market in order to increase their internet visibility.

A1 Costa Rica Properties is not a new comer to the real estate game but has always had limited internet presence with its original realty website under the name of El Dorado Realty Costa Rica. But as the competition on the internet was getting more intense, the decision to expand was the obvious choice.

On the other hand, A1 Costa Rica Real Estate has had some success on the internet but has not enjoyed the large amount of Costa Rica properties that A1 Costa Rica Properties manages.

“This is a match made in heaven,” said Mike Meehan owner of A1CostaRicaRealEstate. “Even though it is purely coincidence that we both own the ‘A1’ name in our companies, this partnership will double the visibility of our listings which is crucial in this delicate real estate market in Costa Rica.”

As part of the partnership, A1CostaRicaProperties has launched its newest website. In past years, many real estate companies in Costa Rica have turned to the internet to draw in more clients as the global economy had taken a turn for the worst.

The newest website for the A1CostaRicaProperties group has been chosen to be the flagship with many more to come. Using the latest in real estate software and with capabilities that far surpass their old website, A1CostaRicaProperties is intended to be the model real estate website for all realtors in Costa Rica.

“In today’s Costa Rican real estate market,” said John Scoble co-owner of the A1 Costa Rica Properties, “customers are becoming more internet savvy and want more flexibility in their search for a new home in Costa Rica which is exactly what our new website will give them.”

Part of the partnership includes ownership retention of each listing but the commission and profit will be shared upon a percentage split.

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