New Report Ranks the Top Marketing KPIs of 2010, the world's largest source of thoroughly documented Key Performance Indicator (KPI) examples announces that Customer Portfolio Dynamics and Customer Profitability KPIs dominate the "Top 25 Marketing KPIs of 2010." The report presents in detail KPIs such as: % Brand awareness, % Customer retention and $ Customer acquisition cost, among other KPI examples reviewed by the research team.

Melbourne, Australia, March 25, 2011 --( "Top KPIs of 2010" is a collection of research reports discussing the most popular KPIs of 2010 across functional areas and industries. is an expert in the field of performance management and measurement, researching the use of KPI based performance management systems in practice around the world.

While Marketing has been long considered an organizational area exempted from performance monitoring and reporting and therefore a consumer of organizational resources that was not able to prove the worthiness of this consumption, key issues such as Marketing Accountability and Marketing Performance Measurement are today top priorities on CMOs agendas. In addition, the exponential growth of social media marketing facilitates measurement of campaigns and results as never before.

In this context, the use of marketing KPIs is a must for any organization aiming to assess and improve its marketing performance. A KPI is a selected indicator considered key for monitoring the performance of a strategic objective, outcome, or key result area important to the success of an activity and growth of the organization overall. There are today hundreds of Marketing KPI examples used by organizations from around the world. The research team at documented over 100 of them in the online database with the same name. Starting with this year, a selection of the most popular KPIs will be analysed in detail as part of an annual research report.

The "Top 25 Marketing KPIs of 2010" report provides insights in the state of Marketing performance measurement today by listing and analysing the most visited KPIs on in 2010. It is part of the "Top KPIs of 2010" series of reports and a result of the research program conducted by the analysts of in the area of integrated performance management and measurement. hosts the largest catalogue of thoroughly documented KPI examples available today and representing an excellent platform for research and dissemination of insights on KPIs and related topics. The hundreds of thousands of visits to and the thousands of KPIs visited, bookmarked and rated by members of this online community in 2010 provided a rich data set, which combined with further analysis from the editorial team, formed the basis of these research reports.

Structured around the Marketing KPIs that in 2010 received the highest number of visits on, the “Top 25 Marketing KPIs of 2010” report contains in addition to KPI names, a detailed description of each KPI, as documented in smartKPIs Premium and other relevant content. While dominated by Customer Portfolio Dynamics and Customer Behaviour KPIs, with 10 KPI examples in the Top 25, the most popular KPIs come from categories such as Brand Performance, Efficiency and Effectiveness, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Profitability:

1. % Brand awareness
2. % Customer retention
3. $ Customer acquisition cost
4. % Customer attrition
5. % Repeat customers

“The Top 25 Marketing KPIs of 2010 report is a synthesis of what is all about: it forms an overview of how Marketing KPIs are used in practice today, by combining input from the online community with analysis and insights from our research team. By discussing the use of KPIs today, presenting the best practice in documenting them and listing the most popular KPIs of 2010, the Top KPIs of 2010 series of reports are valuable resources in promoting the informed use of KPIs or refreshing the existing performance measurement and management practice in any organization." said Aurel Brudan, the Performance Architect of

About is the leading online platform for performance management knowledge integration, hosting the largest database of thoroughly documented KPI examples available on the web today. It offers high quality resources and collaboration functionality for the community of members, assisting them in making smart decisions regarding their performance management initiatives. Registration is free and enables research, learning and interaction as part of a growing community of members from over 190 countries and territories. is operated by eab group, an innovative research driven provider of integrated performance management solutions, based in Melbourne, Australia.

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