Retail Industry Worldwide in a State of Upheaval

Hamburg, Germany, March 25, 2011 --( In its latest currently published report, “Global Retail Report 2011,” Hamburg-based market research firm outlines retail trends worldwide following the global economic crisis.

The report presents retail markets 38 countries worldwide listing important facts and figures along with the major players and their revenue. Furthermore, it analyzes market trends on all continents. Aside from established markets such as the USA, Great Britain, France and Germany, also growth markets like India or Russia are featured.

US retail market on the path out of the crisis
In 2010, retail turnover in the USA amounted to 3.9 trillion USD (2.9 trillion EUR), whereas this figure was 3.7 trillion (2.7 trillion EUR) in the previous year. This equals an increase of 5%. Consumer spending is seen to gather momentum again after the end of the crisis and the retail sector is expanding its product range.

Diverging trends in Europe
In 2010, the German retail sector experienced a recovery from the crisis, generating a total turnover of more than 400 billion EUR and traditional department stores saw a comeback. In France retail revenue totalled almost 400 billion EUR in 2009, remaining stable despite declining purchasing power. However, shows in its “Global Retail Report 2011” report that in France an increasing number of retail segments will in the future be affected by the unfavourable economic climate. Retail revenue in Great Britain reached more than 280 billion GBP (315 billion EUR) in 2009. In light of the expected decline in consumer spending in 2011, the retail sector tries to counteract this trend with more quality and improved service. The retail sector in Eastern Europe has suffered considerably from the current crisis with retail turnover in Russia declining to 330 billion EUR in 2009 due to reduced buying power. Nonetheless, growth rates are expected to continue the previous upward trend in the future. The “Global Retail Report 2011” report of the Hamburg-based market research firm demonstrates that revenue in CEE is already rapidly growing, amongst others due to population growth and the expansion of retail infrastructure.

Asian markets are undergoing change
In China, retail revenue continued to increase in 2010, totalling 15.4 trillion RMB (1.7 trillion EUR). A growing number of hypermarkets have been seen to crop up across the entire country, a trend that is expected to take hold in all of Asia over the next few years. In India, revenue generated from organized retail is continuously increasing and reached as much as 290 billion USD (219 billion EUR) in 2010. According to experts the Indian retail sector will be fully liberalized in the future.

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