Media Funding Solutions Announces Innovative Finance Program That Helps Entrepreneurs Market and Sell Their Products to Major Retailers

Las Vegas, NV, March 25, 2011 --( Media Funding Solutions has today announced the launching of an innovative program that provides a solution for companies that need large scale national advertising campaigns to support product placement into national retail chains.

Most retailers prefer if possible to carry products that have the ability to do large scale national ad campaigns. Because of the challenging economy it has become difficult for entrepreneurs to attract the necessary funds for large scale national advertising that many retail chains require to take on a new product - often $1 million to $10 million or more depending on the type of product being introduced.

Every year tens of thousands companies try to introduce their product lines into large mass-market retail chain stores—typically only 1% to 2% of are accepted. In today’s economy most retailers are being very careful and taking less risks on new products so an entrepreneur needs every advantage possible to stand out from the others. Even if a product line has a successful track record on a localized level most national retailers prefer to deal with new product lines that can also have sufficient capital to launch and sustain national ad campaigns over a substantial period of time.

The new program offered by Media Funding Solutions provides entrepreneurs with national media funding to help encourage retailers to carry a product or a line of products that a retailer typically otherwise would pass on the due to lack of funding for marketing/branding/awareness on a national level.

Large Scale TV, Radio Print, Outdoor, Transit and Internet Ad Campaigns are all available using this program. For additional information visit


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